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Posters, Promotion & Design

Logo Design

'Teen Choice 2018' Promotion Project

A promotion poster series as part of my final University project.

In keeping with current design trends where gradients, duo-tones and geometric shapes of the 80's have returned, a Teen Choice brand identity has been created. The logo and promotion posters have been designed as part of a promotion strategy that would be used on social media to announce which actors have been nominated for awards. I made my own predictions as to who would be picked for the awards this year and created three portraits which were then added to these poster designs.

'Belle' Perfume Advertisement

A perfume advert as part of a University project.

Using 'Riverdale' actress, Lili Reinhart, as a part of a new perfume campaign, the perfume brand 'Belle' has been designed. The packaging and logo design for the perfume bottle as well as two advertisements were produced within this project, one with the painting of the perfume bottle and the other painting featuring Lili Reinhart. Storyboarding a TV advert was also included in the project to help give to some consideration to not just an illustrated advert, but also advertising within different contexts such as on TV.

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