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Accepting bookings for 2024

It is important to book your portrait a couple of months ahead of when you require it. Once your painting has begun, small paintings take around 2 weeks, medium paintings take around 4 weeks and large paintings can take up to 6 weeks to complete, all of these time frames differ depending on the project. On top of painting time please consider postal delays. For further information and to make sure I can get your painting completed in time please email me directly with the size and date you require the final art work, as well as photo attachments of what you would like me to work with:


Olly Jordan Artist Prices 2024


Once we have discussed the photos and artwork ideas of how you would like your piece to look, we will have to discuss payment..

Full payment is required before sending out the finished painting to you, however, deposits and paying in instalments are welcome to guarantee your slot. Please contact me in advance and we can set up a payment plan for you.


Reference Photos

If you would like to discuss a commission, please email me at: with photos attached so I have a quicker understanding of what I would be working with.

When supplying a photo, the higher quality the photo, the better quality the artwork will be.

- Photograph your subject in a naturally lit environment, avoid artificial lighting if possible.

- Make sure that the photos are taken at eye level, especially for a pet portrait, as this will ensure a more traditional look to the final artwork.

- Avoid motion blur, over and under exposure.

- Use a camera and avoid photos taken on a phone if possible.

- No Copyrighted images unless written consent is supplied by the copyright owner.


TIP: Zoom in on the photo you would like to be painted, if you can not see individual hairs of your pet’s fur, or eyebrows and hairline of the person, then the photo is not providing enough detail for me to create a realistic piece of artwork.

- Scroll down further if you would like to see details about how to get a commission based on a celebrity/character.


You will be notified once work has begun on your drawing and will receive regular updates as it develops. If at any stage you are unsatisfied with the painting, it is important to notify me as early on in the process as possible so that I can amend any problems at the beginning. Your regular communication is vital to guaranteeing that you receive a painting that meets your specifications. Failure to communicate during the development of the drawing, could result in a piece you are unsatisfied with and prohibit you from receiving a full refund or incur further charges if you wish the piece to be redone.


For my paintings I use textured watercolour paper for all artworks, either 300gsm Daler Rowney Langton Rough Grain Watercolour Paper for smaller projects, or 425gsm Bockington Watercolour paper for the larger projects. The paint that I use for both the realism and watercolour background style, is Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Paint.


Once you have placed an order you have agreed to the terms and agreements.
If you have ordered a commissioned painting and have changed your mind prior to work commencing you are entitled to a full refund.
If work has begun on the painting and you decide you no longer want the artwork you will be entitled to a refund minus time and materials to that date.
If the artwork has been completed but not posted only postal charges will be refunded as the price covers the hours and materials already invested in the painting. You will be updated with the paintings progress as it develops, if you are unsatisfied at any stage, it is your responsibility to notify me to change or discontinue the work at the earliest stages of its development.

Celebrity/Character Commissions

Creating a piece of artwork based on a TV/Film character or famous person requires photo references. When I create artwork based on TV/Film characters or famous people as seen in my portfolio, I will find multiple reference images to collage together to create my own new image to work from so it is completely unique and also is safe to work from copyright issues. The images below help to explain my point...

katy 01.jpg
katy 03.jpg
katy 02.jpg
Katy Keene Edit.jpg
Katy Keene Olly Jordan.jpg

                                  Photo References - Body, Hair, Face                                                                                                 Photoshop Edit - Also changed makeup                                                                             Artwork

As you can see with the example above, I have used multiple different reference photos to create something new to work from. This requires time searching the internet, watching the shows/films they are in, and photoshopping time to create the new reference. It is this time taken to find the reference images that have a similar lighting and angle, photoshop editing and time that is the reason why there is an additional charge to working with celebrity/characters.

Steps to take to get your Commission started with me

1. Take high quality photos of your subject.

2. Consider what size you would like the artwork to be and reference my price guide for help.

3. Start the conversation with me.

Email me high quality photos of your subject with a description of the project you want me to start. Is it a present for someone? An anniversary present? Is your pet dog named Toby and a very sweet natured dog? Tell me a bit about what I will be working with. Add on any initial ideas you have for what you would like the artwork to look like or colour combinations for the background, e.g. a pale blue splash background to have a traditional feel to the work.

4. We will have a conversation via email about how the artwork will look, I will send you photoshop roughs of how your photos will potentially look with the splash background. We will also discuss payment methods within our email conversation and find a payment that best suits you, but there will have to be either a deposit or the full agreed amount upfront before the project starts.

5. Once we have agreed on the artwork and payment method, I will then begin the artwork and send you updates as the work develops. Once the work is complete, I will send you a final photo and ask if there are any minor amendments you would like me to make before I post it off to you.

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