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From comic books, to TV shows and now, presented as a collection of paintings! The ArchieVerse collection consists of 3 series of artwork inspired by the shows based on the Archie Comics - ‘Riverdale’, ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ and ‘Katy Keene’.


These acrylic paintings explore the worlds of the iconic TV shows through; bold and beautiful character portraits, charming location snapshots, expressive object studies and more!


So grab a milkshake, sit in a booth in your favourite diner and immerse yourself in this painted TV universe of wild mysteries, dark witchcraft and of course, plenty of teen drama!

Archieverse Olly Jordan.jpg


A series of acrylic paintings of the 14 main Riverdale characters. The paintings are all clearly linked together not only by the fact they are from the same show, but they also have the same mark making colour combination with each characters unique background.

Riverdale Poster

Using the original portrait paintings above, I have managed to digitally edit them, and other paintings you will see further down on this page, into one poster design.

The poster is inspired by 1950's movie poster designs through the composition, font and use of a border, but with my painterly style, I have managed to provide a more modern twist on the 50's posters. The typeface is worn down and eroded away to help reflect the ideas from the show 'Riverdale' - the town looks perfect and idyllic at first glance, but a closer look shows that the town is far from that. The characters are also conveying ideas from the show - Archie is the main character and that is shown purely through the fact that he is the largest, Betty and Veronica are standing back to back and the next largest in size, this is because the show has a love-triangle, will Archie pick B or V? Cheryl, Toni, Kevin, Reggie and Josie are considerably smaller in size, this is because they are the minor and supporting characters, but even then, Cheryl is standing proud in the front as she is the girl who would always be the star of every photo. Including Pop's Diner into the poster design was also important, not just to help with capturing the feeling of creating a poster inspired by 50's design, but also because that restaurant is included a lot in the show.

Riverdale Poster Olly Jordan.jpg

Parents of Riverdale Poster

Parents of Riverdale Poster Olly Jordan.jpg

Individual Character Poster Designs

Pop's Diner

A short series of illustrations which resulted in a vintage tin poster design which would work perfectly in Pop's 50's inspired Diner.

Pop's Diner art
DInEr art

Other Character Icons

An additional series of illustrations that resemble some of the other characters such as Cheryl's Spider Brooch, a pearl from Veronica's Pearl necklace, and a 50's microphone with pussycat ears behind it to resemble Josie and her Pussycats.

Extra Designs - Postcards


With a darker theme to the show, comes a darker style used within this series of work for Sabrina. Red and black are colours used alot in the official promotion of the show, so those are the colours I went with when creating the artwork in this series of work.

Supporting Artworks

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Poster

This poster is heavily inspired by the story of Sabrina's choice between the path of light or path of night.

I grouped the characters into 3 sections -

the mortal school friends/witches who embrace the mortal life (right side of Sabrina),

the witch school friends/witches who are strong believers,

then the dark witches manipulating Sabrina to become a dark witch (the two characters directly behind/above her).

Grouping the characters like this adds narrative to the poster design as your eyes naturally follow the 3 separate paths, after first looking at Sabrina's eyes, mirroring Sabrina's decisions that she makes throughout the show - good/bad, witch/mortal, freedom/power.

The way that Sabrina is looking back over her shoulder to the audience gives the impression that she is uncertain of what is to come. She is also wearing her Dark Baptism/party dress, and those who have watched the show will know that when she is wearing this dress, she is asked to make a decision between light or night. The dark rough edges help set the tone of the show, but also alludes to darkness closing in on her from the dark lord.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Poster Olly Jordan.jpg

Individual Character Posters

Extra Designs - Postcards


In contrast to the darkness of Sabrina and Riverdale, Katy Keene is a show coming soon that promises to be a musical comedy based on how Katy and her friends navigate their way through New York while trying to achieve their dreams. The colour palette and styling used within this series of work is alot brighter and softer. Yellows, oranges and pinks have been used, again, because those are the colours used to tie in with the branding of the official tv show. 

Supporting Artworks

Katy Keene Poster

Just like the Riverdale poster, this one has been inspired by 1950's movie poster design through the paper choice, concept and composition, but with a modern twist. Incorporating a cityscape into the design is very common within poster design, even in current day, but in alot of poster designs I came across from the 50's, they were portrayed very simply, and that works nicely with the artistic style. 

Katy Keene Poster Olly Jordan.jpg

Extra Designs - Postcards

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