• Olly Jordan

Chapter 3 - Every Artist has a Beginning - A Levels 2013

Updated: Jun 21, 2020


My first large scale portrait from when I was studying my A Levels. This piece was inspired by the work of Jeremy Kyle and his watercolour portraits that use negative space to cleverly help construct the rest of a portrait.

2020 Reflection

Even now, 7 years later, what I like about this piece is the way that the body has been illustrated in such a minimal way, but you can still tell where Emma's right shoulder would curve because of the information already given to us in the surrounding areas.

This interest in realism vs minimalism is a style that has continually popped up a few times throughout the past 7 years and will undoubtably return again moving forward.

I can see here just how far I have come along in not only capturing a likeness, but also creating pleasing and vibrant tones as well as a sharpness that comes with realism.

Every artist has a beginning and this is mine.

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