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Chapter 95 - The Lion King - Remember Who You Are - 2020

The Lion King Poster

Much like the Toy Story and Riverdale posters, I wanted my poster design of The Lion King to have the characters to work together in a way that helps highlight the main character with the supporting characters alongside at a smaller scale, but also have the villains within their own section of the poster. Unlike many of the poster designs in my portfolio, this film isn't set tin or particularly inspired by a certain time period, so I had the freedom to play around with the aesthetic of the poster alot more. I wanted the poster to still look like it belongs with the rest of my portfolio, so the painterly mark making from the collection of The Lion King artwork was going to be used, a new logo design, acting credits and paper choices were going to big parts of the poster design, otherwise I was pretty free to do what I wanted with the poster design.

Logo Design

Coming up with the new logo is usually one of the first things I do when coming up with a new project as it not only introduces the new project to people on social media, but it also helps me to find the style that I want to go for on the poster.

I was searching for some brush calligraphy inspiration and came across this piece of artwork. I wasn't really sure of what kind of style of brush calligraphy I was looking for to begin with, but as soon as I saw this piece I was instantly inspired with what to do for my new The Lion King logo. I wanted yellow and orange mark making to surround the main brush calligraphy which would be clear and in negative space. I ended up layering yellow and orange versions of the words, The Lion King, on top of eachother as away to creatively get colours to go around the negative space version of the logo.

I also had to think about the complimentary fonts that would be used on poster for the strapline, actor credits and any other additional information. I wanted to go with a serif style font as that is essentially what the original logo design used for The Lion King, so that would be a direct link there, but it also contrasts the brush typography nicely. I was going to use the serif font for the actor credits. Then the other supporting typeface I wanted, as a way to keep within my portfolio where I use 2 or 3 fonts in a poster design, I wanted a script font. The script font would be used for the strapline and other details to contrast the actor credits.

The Poster

Just like with the Riverdale and Toy Story posters, once I had the concept ready, it was just a case of dropping the finished artworks on the poster and removing their original backgrounds. I would say that this poster is alot like those two poster designs actually because they both had a mark making background that was painted separate to the original portrait artworks, the main character is the largest and like the Riverdale poster, there is a location illustrated on the poster, in a similar composition too, the acting credits and the location illustration have just switched sides. It seems like I am now really getting my own style of creating poster designs now and that is such a good thing! Not only are the original artworks getting their own style, but now I am also getting all of my posters to have a distinct 'Olly Jordan Artist' look, they all look like they are made by the same person while not looking exactly the same as eachother which is good.

I wanted the heroes to take up the majority of the space on the poster while being surrounded by the yellow and orange background, then the villains smaller and at the bottom. I wanted them separate as that helped to distinguish between the two alliances. The fact that Pride Rock has been added to the poster too helps to give the poster a bit more narrative as it not only gives a location, but it also sets up the themes of the film - who deserves to look after the kingdom - Simba or Scar?

Overall I am really happy with this poster design, I would say it is just as strong as the Riverdale, Katy Keene and Beauty and the Beast posters, that is what I want, to keep my work at a high standard that is still stylistically very me.

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