• Olly Jordan

Chapter 91 - The Lion King - Pride Rock - 2020

Pride Rock - A3 300gsm Watercolour Paper

This was the painting that started my Lion King series of artwork, it is the second ever painting that I have done of a scene or location like this, the first being Pop's Diner from the Riverdale series which is within the ArchieVerse Collection. It was really nice to work with a completely different subject like this rather than just portraits as it allowed me to really think about the process of paint and how to apply brush marks alot more than I usually do when working with portraits. The leaves on the tree to the right for example, that is just a bunch of green dabs with little highlights of yellow to give the tree some lighting and contrast, the slight abstraction used there is something that I don't really do in my usual portrait work, so it was nice and refreshing to work on this piece. I think I would definitely consider exploring the idea of creating artwork that depicts scenes like this, if it was for the right project for the right reason, like with this project, you can't do a project based on The Lion King if you don't include Pride Rock because it is so iconic.

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