• Olly Jordan

Chapter 90 - The Lion King - You Must Take Your Place - 2020

As a way to expand my portfolio and explore the world of animals more, I thought it would be a good idea to create a project based on Disney's Live Action The Lion King (2019). I wanted this to be a series of artwork where I could get even more familiar with painting different fur types, as well as to just bulk my portfolio out with more animal portraits, I have alot of people in my portfolio and I feel like it is now time to get more animals in. I feel like pet/animal portraits are a big category of commission work that I could easily get myself into, doing this series would allow people to see how I could potentially handle their pets.

I also, as always, wanted to create a poster as a way to finish the series off, and I wanted the poster to be sort of like my Riverdale one, I hadn't done a busy character based poster like that in over a year, so I thought this project would be a good chance to show that it is not just the Riverdale poster where I can come up with a concept that incorporated lots of characters.

Inspired by the movie poster above for the film, I wanted to create a uniform style for The Lion King series but have different colour palettes for the background of each colour which determine whether they are a hero or villain. The orange represent the heroes and the blue goes with the villains. This colour palette symbolises the day and night, heroes and villains, good and bad within the film. I would use a blue colour palette for the mark making of the background for the villains, and an orange colour palette for the mark making of the background of the heroes.

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