• Olly Jordan

Chapter 9 - Artist - Barbara Florczyk - Abstraction vs Realism - Uni 2nd Year 2016/17

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Being given the Little White Lies brief allowed me to see a way I could go back to my portrait painting roots from my A Level days as it allowed a for a context in which portrait artwork belongs. Watching the film The Revenant, which the brief is based around, made me think that I could tackle the brief in a more abstract mark making way due to its dark story and artistic shots. I wanted to find an artist that works with both portraits and mark making to see how they go about incorporating the two to help inspire my project.

What I like about Barbara Florczyk's work is the textures used. I believe her work is made digitally so I suppose those textures could be easier to create? There isn't much information about her work online. It seems to be that these portrait pieces were sort of an anomaly in her portfolio as the rest of her stuff is very different as that is more like photo realism without this expressiveness to it. The way that the colours from the background and the portrait sort of blur into one really work effectively as it gives the illusion that the subject is one with the background. The subject's hair and body get distorted into the background and that is what gives the illusion of the background and subject becoming one, there are no outlines of her hairstyle or where her arms are, she is just a part of the mark making colours.

With this Revenant portrait, I wanted to go back to my acrylic paints and great an expressive background that uses similar mark making and colour choices - having the colours of the background merge in with the face. In order to recreate this style, I would have to experiment with different way of applying paint - brushes, sponges, card, literally anything that I can think of that would be able to spread or apply paint in an interesting way that gives a 'dark and atmospheric' vibe.


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