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Chapter 83 - Scooby-Doo - Posters - Solving Mysteries Since 1969 - 2019

Anyone who knows me personally knowing how much I love these meddling kids and their dog, I even wrote my dissertation at uni about the show, 'The exploration of Masculinity within Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated!' The Scooby-Doo series turned 50 in September 2019, I knew I wanted to do just a small something to celebrate that moment but I had no idea how to incorporate cartoon characters into my portfolio that is based on characters, actors, places and objects from the real world.

Initial Idea

My initial idea was based on the ideas of silhouettes and how I could perhaps create a watercolour style background that have the silhouettes of these iconic characters at the front. The illustrations above help give a visual of the style I was going for - layered landscape with simple character illustrations at the foreground. This was an idea I thought would work out nicely, but in practise, I am not someone who works well with watercolours and landscapes like I had planned. The idea I had was just too farfetched and would definitely appear as a random anomaly in my portfolio of work. Yes, it could be argued that I was exploring a new style to go beyond my comfort zone, but there is a difference between going going out of your comfort zone and just making something that is so out there that it is not at all relevant. Example of pushing the envelope of my comfort zone is working with different hair colours/styles, or using a different style of mark making to compliment my realism within a portrait painting, not going completely off the rails and making something unrecognisably 'Olly Jordan Artist'.

Here is the mockup I was ready to go ahead with. The design is something that I would have continued to edit and make my own, but to get an initial visual, I did have to drag and drop areas from other peoples artwork to get a quick feel for how the work would look. obviously I wouldn't have had Hogwarts at the top of the cliff edge, I would have changed it to a castle or mansion reminiscent of the locations that Scooby and the gang explore in their classic cartoon capers. The main thing from this mockup was how I would get the characters on. I do think that this is a good concept and I would love to see someone go ahead with it and push it forward, it captures the feeling of Scooby-Doo nicely especially through the colour palette, but it is just not a project for me to go ahead with.

Finding a way to stay on Brand

I ended up having to look back through all of my work and think about how I could perhaps create something that has an element of realism within the poster design but also link with the cartoon show. It was actually seeing my Belle Perfume Project from 2017 at uni that made me think of objects as a way to get the world of Scooby-Doo in my portfolio. I thought it could be a clever idea to create a painting that is inspired by Scooby's SD dog tag, but switch the letters of SD to 50. Then having the background inspired by the colours of the gang's van, The Mystery Machine, painted using paint rollers and stencils in a similar way that I created a background for my Toy Story series. It did take a little while of reflection of looking at my own work to think of a way that I can make this project still link nicely with my portfolio, but it was worth it.

The Artwork

This was just a small 7x7cm painting. It was simple and easy to do. The main thing about this dog tag was making sure that the font for the number 50 was still groovy and reminiscent of the 60's era that the show was made.

Once the dog tag was painted, I had to create the background inspired by The Mystery Machine, that was just a simple process of cutting stencils out that follow the same design as the side profile of the van.

Then finally it was just a case of dropping all those elements onto a poster design, finding a font that complimented the Scooby brand nicely and voila! Although this maybe one of the simplest poster designs in my portfolio and doesn't necessarily have a Wow factor like Riverdale, Katy Keene or the Beauty and the Beast series, it is still nice and in-keeping with my style of work in my portfolio.

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