• Olly Jordan

Chapter 8 - Little White Lies - Research - Uni 2nd Year 2016/17

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Ok so, kicking off second year we were thrown in the deep end and had just 3 weeks to whip up 3 final outcomes ready for an editorial setting and we had 10 different briefs to choose from. One brief we were given was to create a cover design for Little White Lies based on the film The Revenant. This appealed to me because it was essentially a portrait in a illustrative setting. Before this point I had no idea where portraits would belong in the commercial world. Like, look around, most magazines, advertising, promotion design all consist of photography based work. This company and project allowed me to see that there is a market for artists who produce portraits to belong in the commercial work, rather than just being fine art commission based work which is what I had always thought, and even then, that is most likely for celebratory events.

Little White Lies is a bi-monthly print magazine that focuses on movies and the talent that goes into them. They combine illustration and journalism within their magazine to create a truly unique experience to reading magazines. They create reviews and podcasts that discuss everything film and TV related, so subscribers to the Little White Lies get an incite into what may peak their interests before actually going to the cinema to pay to watch it or hitting the play button on their streaming service. LWL also allows anyone to get in touch if they feel they have an interesting review or strong opinion on the films and its culture of today.

When it comes to the artwork, there is a simple submission process featured on their website where you just email their artistic director Laurène Boglio: laurene@tcolondon.com. LWL state on their website that they are always looking for new collaborators, all the illustrators have to do is email their portfolio and a short note to Laurène Boglio. The fact that there is such a simple submission process suggests that the way that LWL get the artwork for their magazines if by almost putting a bookmark on people who have submitted to keep some they feel potentially could work for them later on down the line.

There is also a section on their website which allows you to order art prints of the book cover designs for quite reasonable prices to be fair. This is a great reason to get in touch with the company as an illustrator as that amount of exposure would be something that you may not get on your own. Sure LWL will most likely take a big cut of the profits, but you would still get a little with every sale I'm sure.

I think this company would be a good one to keep in the back of my mind for a place to get into contact with when I feel ready as this would be a good opportunity to get my work in the commercial world. Although this project is very fast paced with essentially a 5 day turn around, I have seen a few art covers on here that have clearly taken alot longer than that and similar to a style of my own. Some art oil paint portraits also at a large scale, (like image above of Michael Caine), and they always take a long period of time, even just the drying time of the paint slows down the process.



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