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Chapter 79 - ArchieVerse - Katy Keene - Passion for Fashion - 2019

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Cole Haan Shoes, Champagne, Fendi Handbag

Just like how I created a small series of three supporting artworks to accompany Sabrina Spellman in my Chilling Adventures of Sabrina collection, I wanted to create three paintings that would help put the viewers of the work into the Katy Keene world, but at this point in time I didn't have a show to watch to know what that world actually looked like. Within the trailer that was available to base my series on, the characters just seem to be having alot of fun, and Katy is trying to pursue a career in fashion design, that is about all the plot points or imagery that was available to me. So, seeing as Katy wants to be a fashion designer and makes her own outfits, it made sense to me that I could delve into fashion illustration. I decided to work from the shoes and handbag that Katy wears within the trailer and in the promotion material released. Then for the third painting, I wanted to capture the fun and celebration of the show, so painting a glass of champagne seemed fitting. I am still quite surprised at how I essentially managed to create a whole project based on just a three minute trailer!

Cole Haan Shoes is A4 in size on 300gsm Watercolour Paper. It was nice to explore the world of fashion design a little bit with the piece. My style of working is very similar to fashion illustration because of the use of the splash mark making and fading out of the subject, this is used alot in fashion illustration, this project gave me a reason to finally explore that avenue. The shoes did actually have a few textures that I was not prepared for. The velvet of the heels was quite hard to work with, I have experimented with recreating a velvet texture before with my painting of Bullseye and Chris Hemsworth, but as I have discussed on my blog post about Cheryl Blossom, red paint always seems to struggle to stick to the paper for some reason, so that was just an extra struggle that I had to work with on this painting. Otherwise, I did really enjoy working on this piece and the final artwork turned out really nicely. I would definitely be keen to explore more fashion illustration in the future, like painting watches, bracelets, rings and other accessories, whether that would be in a commission or as a personal project like this, I would be more than happy to do more fashion work.

Working on Champagne, A4 on 300gsm Watercolour paper, reminded me of my paintings of the three milkshakes from my Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe series within the Riverdale series because of the return of having to work with glass. I was more than happy to return to that world and painting abstract shapes that construct the realistic look of glass.

The final painting on the right is Fendi Handbag, it is A4 in size on 300gsm Watercolour paper. Fendi Handbag was probably one of the easier subjects that I have had to work with, it was just black leather and a bit of gold. Unlike the leather of Jughead Jones' serpent jacket, this did not have a worn out texture to it, it was smooth, so I could essentially just paint black straight on to the paper and just add little bits of white to it for subtle lighting and textures.

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