• Olly Jordan

Chapter 78 - ArchieVerse - Katy Keene - Fashion Fairytale Fantasy - 2019

Katy Keene is another spin-off show from Riverdale. I wanted this to be another small series that would sit alongside the Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series to make the overarching collective of the ArchieVerse Collection. If director of the shows were to be create another spin-off show of Riverdale that was also based on the comic book world of Archie Comics, I wouldn't be surprised if I were to create another small series to go alongside the other work in this collection.

Unlike the previous shows that I had created artwork on, this show had not actually been released yet, so there was only a couple of trailers and promotion material to base the project on. So choosing the colour palette as well as the reference images and supporting artworks was going to be harder than usual as I was creating a project based on something that wasn't actually released yet.

Within the promotion material, pink and a yellow/orange was used quite alot, so I knew that I would use that as my colour palette. The pink and yellow/orange combination would be the identifying style from my Katy Keene series, the Riverdale series uses blue and red, then Chilling Adventures of Sabrina used red and black.

It was also very clear that the show was set in New York and that would be a big part of the storyline, how young adults live in New York and try to pursue their dream careers, so it was important to try and include New York within my poster design later on down the line of this Katy Keene project.

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