• Olly Jordan

Chapter 75 - Finding the Purpose of my Work - 'Believability not Realism' - 2019

Before hopping from my Beauty and the Beast project onto the next one straight away, I decided to take a minute to reflect on my work and what I try to achieve with it.

While doing some research for my next project, I came across this quote and felt instantly inspired - 'Believability not realism'. It is a quote I found in 'The Art of Toy Story 3' book, the animators used this quote almost like a mantra while working on the third film. '"We can make something that looks perfectly realistic. We can fool you-but we don't want to," Podesta agrees. "We want you to believe in the world we are creating. We want you to believe in everything from the look and story to the acting and animation. so that a few minutes in, you've completely forgotten you're sitting in a box with a few hundred other people watching light on a wall."' This mantra is something that instantly inspired thought within my own work. I know that I am not creating moving characters or anything so it is very different, but the concept can still be the same. I like the idea that when people look at my work, they return to the world that the character comes from.

For example, when you look at my painting of Cheryl Blossom, your mind might take you to a booth in Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe and think of Cheryl saying something sassy to the core 4. Or when looking at my painting of Belle and Beast, you can suddenly hear Mrs Potts singing in the ballroom while Belle and Beast dance.

Coming across the quote has helped me realise what my aim is. My aim is to have my paintings allow you to return to a world that you love for even just a second. I don't want people to look at my work looking for the accuracy of the proportions or the scale of things, making the artwork almost mathematical as if to say it is right or wrong. I want people to see the likeness of their favourite characters and then their minds will wonder for a moment, if I achieve that when people look at my work, I know that it has been successful.

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