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Chapter 74 - Beauty and the Beast - Posters - Beauty is Found Within - 2019

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Here are my poster designs to finish of my Beauty and the Beast collection. I wanted a very simple but effective design as I didn't want to make the posters seem too over the top, that just doesn't suit the film, stripping the designs back to just the characters is what I wanted to work with.

Seeing as the film is set in the 18th century, I wanted all three of the posters to have a vintage textured look to it as well as a border to help keep the three posters looking like part of a set within the time period. I found some textures that I have edited over the top, just so the artwork over all isn't perfect and has an older look to it, then the paper is off-white and that helps give that old timely feel, capturing time period. The border is an illustration I designed inspired by some other official promotion material from the film, looking into merchandise and things like that, I found a Beauty and the Beast book that used a really nice border similar to the one I have created. I felt like my posters needed a border to help add to the vintage feel, but also just complete the look, the portraits look a little bit lost a page without it. I wanted the border to be a little bit broken up and worn down to help convey the idea that these posters are old but have survived the test of time. The border has a gold foil texture over the top of it because gold is used alot throughout the branding of the film, but also because I can imagine that a poster like this just in general would look so good being gold foiled. I can not imagine the border being anyother colour, or even just a flat gold, as it just wouldn't work out so well.

The poster with The Enchanted Rose is one where I simply just dropped the original painting onto the poster design, then added a quote. Very simple process, it makes a successful poster design still, even though it is very minimal in what is going on. Just like the border, I wanted the quote to have a gold foiled look to it as that would tie in nicely, it would look out of place if I introduced a new colour.

Similar to with all my other poster designs, I have simply drag and dropped the portrait painting onto the poster, however, unlike my other posters, I have created new backgrounds for this poster rather than using the background from the original paintings. Ideally, if I hadn't have painted Belle back in 2017 and made her painting full bleed, I would have painted both Belle and Beast in this splash style that I developed in 2018 and still use today. I decided that I could still create that look that was consistent with my portfolio and also exciting for the poster by creating the splash work separately. I make both backgrounds individually, then to make the portrait of Belle and Beast have a splash finish where their colours dribble and splat down to the bottom, I created those on separate pieces of paper too and then simply photoshopped that onto the original portrait. Although this all seems like a lot of unnecessary effort, it was something that I think was worth it, the original paintings still work nicely on their own in a gallery context, and these posters work well on their own as a way of keeping stylistically similar to my other poster designs.

Also within the background, you may notice a swirly white pattern either side of both characters. This pattern is inspired by the details engraved on the glass dome that keeps The Enchanted Rose safe within the film. I wanted to include this pattern because it helps tie back in with the original film, but it also just adds a nice finish to the background, rather than just being blue mark making, there is a new illustration over the top of that.

Belle and Beast's posters both have a rose and rose petals floating around the character, however, Belle has a red rose with just red petals, and Beast has a white rose with a combination of white and red rose petals. I wanted Belle to have a red rose on her poster because she is the one that breaks the curse of the Enchanted Rose by falling in love with Beast, but she also has red roses within her own storyline away from Beast. Whenever her father would go away travelling, she would always ask for a rose, this was because her mother gave her a red rose rattle when she was a baby just before she sadly passed away. The addition of the red rose petals floating around the character help allude to the idea that Belle is falling in love with Beast. Both Belle and Beast are wearing their ballgown outfits in these portraits, and it could be said that within this scene is when the two characters start to look beyond eachother's external looks and begin to fall in love with what is on the inside. So it is fitting to have a few rose petals floating around the characters while they are wearing these outfits as this is the beginning of the curse being broken because of their developing romance.

Beast's poster has a white rose with both white and red rose petals floating around him. I wanted Beast to have a white rose not only so that it is a nice contrast to Belle's red rose, but also because a white rose is used within the narrative of the film. Belle's father, Maurice, picks a white rose from Beast's garden at the beginning of the film. Beast then gives Maurice a 'life sentence for a rose', mirroring the curse that he was given which turned him from a prince into a beast. Belle ends up taking her father's place and then the whole story begins, however, if Maurice hadn't picked a rose from Beast's garden, none of the events of the film would have happened. Having a few red rose petals floating around was symbolic of Belle coming into Beast's life and how the curse could be lifted. The white rose petals are the symbol of Beast's change of heart, from being the selfish prince, to a kinder being, but also because it would look strange to have a fully bloomed white rose and then loads of random red rose petals, its good to have a few of each.

Finally the other additional piece of design to discuss is the names added to the top of the poster, these are both two of my own paintings which I have dropped onto the design. The painting of Beast's name is just the same from the film's logo, Belle's name I had to construct first on photoshop using 'Beauty' from the film's logo and then paint it.

Overall, I am really happy with how these pieces turned out on the posters, they look very high quality and of the era that the film is set but with a modern stylistic twist, which essentially my style to a T, traditional looking but with a contemporary modern splash finish. These are posters that I will always love looking back on within my portfolio, I think mainly for personal reasons as both portraits are bog milestone moments of my painting career, but also these posters are just really pleasing to look at. It would be a bit more unusual if I didn't really like the work I was making, otherwise, what's the point?!

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