• Olly Jordan

Chapter 70 - Beauty and the Beast - For Who Could Ever Learn To Love A Beast? - 2019

Red Rose - A4 acrylic painting on 300gsm Watercolour Paper

White Rose - A4 acrylic painting on 300gsm Watcerolour Paper

As a way to expand the world of Beauty and the Beast within my portfolio, I thought it would be a good opportunity to work with some nature, seeing as that is something that I am unfamiliar with but something I can imagine would be quite desirable as a commission. I had also had some design ideas of how I could incorporate these flowers into my poster designs at the end of the project, so that was another main reason to paint them.

I enjoyed working with these flowers, much like working with the petals of the Falling From The Enchanted Rose piece, it was refreshing to work with something that has such a quick finish. Each A4 painting took around 7 hours each so that was pretty quick. I found that painting these flowers required alot more detail than I initially anticipated. Each petal and leaf has so many veins, if that is the correct term for the texture? It was nice adding each vein as it was just a process of watering down my small brush and applying a bit of white and painting the vein, then applying a green watered down glaze over the top to get the colour on it.

I think it was a good decision for the purposes of my portfolio to explore a few flowers as I do think that that could be a good way to get commissions in. Everyone loves nature, and because these paintings are on A4 in size, that means that it would be alot cheaper than my portraits so it could be much more likely to be purchased as a gift for Mother's Day for example.

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