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Chapter 7 - Found the Best of both Fine Art and Graphic Design? - Uni 1st Year 2015/16

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

So, I started studying illustration at Plymouth College of Art. What appealed to me about PCA was the fact that you could crossover with courses if you wanted to collaborate on a project. If you fancied doing some screen printing for the day, working with the photography studios, or making a fashion garment, nothing was off limits and that was so rare in other unis that I looked at. When looking around at other unis on open days, I found that when I asked if I could collaborate with other departments or even go screen printing for the day, they kind of looked down their nose at me and laughed a little and replied with, 'well no you would be on an illustration course', or they said something to that effect. It was also the tutors that appealed to me, they seemed so hands on and had a good relationship with all of their students because it was the most full time course I had come across, most unis I looked at were scheduled lectures for maybe 2 hours a day or something, but PCA was pretty much everyday and the tutors were always around and on site 9-5 or later everyday. I also instantly built a connection with the course leader as I met her at a course open day. She was very caring much like my school and A Level teachers, so that was really appealing to me.

When it came to First year, to be honest, I don't remember many stand out pieces that I produced during that time. The tutors would describe first year to be a time to trial and experiment with your style, so in other words, create work that isn't going to define you or that you are going to care about alot in the long run because they are just small workshop outcomes. We explored book cover design, photoshop, and general illustration, nothing too deep from what I can remember. And because I didn't really create anything meaningful in this time period, I won't be posting any pics or artwork in the blog.

Now that I am moving past this year however, when I do post on the blog, I will post individual projects and even individual pieces of research that has built up to make one project so that you guys get much more depth and understanding of how the final artworks are created.

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