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Chapter 66 - ArchieVerse - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Getting Familiar With Familiars - 2019

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Witching Hour, Salem, Blood Moon

This is a small series of paintings that I painted actually a few months after my painting of Sabrina Spellman, I knew I wanted a small collection to go alongside her if she were to be exhibited, but at the time of painting her I just wasn't sure of what. I will just post it here rather than chronologically like I have been so that all the Sabrina work is all in once section of the blog, rather than 6 months later like it actually is. This small collection is just like how I wanted character icons to accompany each Riverdale character, this just adds a little more of Sabrina's world to my portfolio to make her part of a collection, rather than just a single portrait.

Witching Hour is the painting of the candle, it is A4 in size on 300gsm Watercolour Paper. I wanted a painting of a candle because many witchy and dark things happen while in the candlelight of Sabrina's house, candles are also used alot in summoning spells and for other reasons within the witch world. The name Witching Hour comes from the idea within the show that the witches powers are strongest between midnight and 1am, hence, the witching hour. The painting itself really surprised me. I knew that I wanted a dark background, obviously so I could emphasise the flame of the light on the candle and how it is a light source, using a roller and paint as the style for the background however was a way to tie into the background textures used within Sabrina's poster design but also a way to look distinctly different from the Riverdale seres. I was really surprised by the way I finished the brush marks to fade out to the black of the background, it actually created really interesting textures replicating candle wax textures so nicely. The glow of the candle is also very satisfying to look at, as often is the case with my work, I just went straight in with no experimentation beforehand of how to paint a flame, but it turned out really nicely in my opinion, especially the little blue flick of light on the candle wick to give that extra detail of realism.

Salem is the cat in the middle of the gallery above, that painting is A3 in size on 300gsm Watercolour paper. To give a very brief overview of Salem's character, he is Sabrina's familiar, which is a goblin who have taken on the shape of animals to better serve their witch masters. In this case, the familiar is a cat. I just used a free artist reference site to get this photo reference, rather than getting a photo collage together of Salem from the show, a generic black cat from a free reference site would do just as good of a job and alot easier on me. The painting itself actually happened quite quick, I have come to find that black hair is a much quicker process than many other hair types. This is because it is just about adding white to get the highlights, you don't have to worry about additional layers of colour because the white instantly creates all the colour you need.

The final painting on the right is the Blood Moon, it is A4 in size on 300gsm Watercolour paper. The appearance of the Blood Moon is an event that happens the same evening that Sabrina originally goes for her Dark Baptism. Sabrina's Dark Baptism is a supernatural ceremony that took place on October 31st, the night of Sabrina Spellman's 16th birthday, under the light of an eclipsing blood moon. The ceremony is when a young witch would declare their devotion to the Dark Lord and therefore sacrificing their freedom for power. This is important as the outfit I chose for Sabrina was the dress she wore on this same evening. Painting the moon was quite unusual for me, I kind of just used alot of mark making with the help of the black background, to create the study.

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