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Chapter 62 - ArchieVerse - Riverdale - The Selfless Hero? - 2019

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

KJ APA - 'Archie Andrews' - 48 hours, 76x56cm acrylic painting on 425gsm Bockington Watercolour Paper

Archie was the hardest one to work with in this series, and maybe even overall so far! The outfit was nice to work with and a nice way to finish the painting as it was just essentially following fabric folds, no patterns or anything to add complications. Archie's face was very difficult to work from, and just like with Veronica Lodge, it was because I used a poor quality reference image.

Each day of working on my painting of Archie, there was some kind of struggle with the reference image, the first day was the eyebrows, the next was fixing the eyebrows and how that would then change his brows and forehead, then it was the cheek bones, then the lips, each day was just alot harder than it would be if I had a good reference. I think the main error I encountered was the way I painted his hairline. With most portraits I will extend the painting of the skin slightly beyond the hairline so I can layer up the hair on top of that to create a natural hairline where you can see a bit of skin underneath, however, in this case I think I may have forgotten I did that? I ended up unintentionally giving Archie an extra two centimetres all over on his forehead, making his head just look massive. At the time I hadn't realised but knew he looked off. The lips were the wrong shape, but again, because I didn't have a good reference image, I didn't know how to correct it. I ended up just having to leave the portrait as it was with being confused as to why he looked off.

The painting at the top of the post is the result of returning months later and fixing my mistakes and I am now happy with him. Below is a side by side comparison of the original 'finished' painting from back in January 2019 on the left, and then next to the corrected and truly final painting after making my amendments on the right.

Discussed above is just a few of the amendments I had to make. I reshaped his nose, reshaped the curve of his cheekbones and reshaped his ears as they just looked nothing like Archie's. When one thing is painted incorrectly, that knocks other features to have to be painted inaccurately because of that. For example, painting Archie's eyebrows too thick, wide and close together, meant that I narrowed the bridge of his nose alot more than I should have. However, going back and getting Archie's eyebrows painted at the correct scale and in the correct position meant that I could see that his nose was also incorrect, so I sorted that out too.

I am glad I went back months later to correct Archie, he is the main character of the show as well as the largest character on my Riverdale poster which I will be discussing soon on another blog post. If I were to have left the main character looking nothing like him, then that would have been more than a shame, it would have been embarrassing perhaps.

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