• Olly Jordan

Chapter 61 - ArchieVerse - Riverdale - The Girl Next Door - 2018

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

LILI REINHART - 'Betty Cooper' - 30 hours, 76x56cm acrylic painting on 425gsm Bockington Watercolour Paper

Betty was the quickest portrait of the whole Riverdale series, this maybe because I already knew how to tackle the cotton jumper because I used that technique for Kevin Keller, and I have also got the least amount of hair to work with out of all the characters because of Betty's ponytail.

Beginning this painting, I was worried about working with Lili Reinhart as my subject again, because obviously I painted her just a year before in my perfume ad, whereas I was now revisiting her and felt pressure to make this painting would be better than the last. This was all just inner demons in my head putting pressure and doubt in my mind, I'm sure no one would actually compare the two. In my personal opinion of the finished artwork, this piece is kind of equally as good as my painting of Lili Reinhart in the perfume ad. The hair is alot more realistic than in Lili Reinhart's portrait, the expression is spot on and in Betty's character, her eyes are a better colour, however, I'd say that the skin tones were alot more vibrant and richer in my Lili Reinhart portrait than this one, her skin tones look a little less saturated here. Otherwise, I would say they are both pretty on par with each other, I think in my head I just wanted this painting to be a step up in skill as a comparison, but I think the improvement maybe a bit more subtle than what I had visioned in my head.

I think this piece is one of the best from the Riverdale series, Jughead Jones and now Betty are my top two from the whole series because of the way I have managed to capture such a strong likeness. The others are all still great and if they weren't up to standard, I revisited them a few months later to sort them out, but just those two are the standout two in my opinion.

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