• Olly Jordan

Chapter 58 - Illustration Graduate of 2018 - The End of The Beginning - 2018

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

What a three years, had I finally found a purpose and place for my portraits in the commercial world? The answer is yes.

Studying illustration allowed me to merge both my graphic design and fine art skills that I acquired over the years. Within the course, it showed me that there isn't really any limits to your creativity, just having the research, experimentation and concept behind your ideas is more than enough. Yes, at times it truly was a struggle, but it helped me to find a place where I can put portraits in a commercial context - poster designs, advertising/promotion material, social media, copyright/plagiarism, celebrity photo reference collaging, even that there is a place for pop culture artwork, these are all things that I still work with today and I would have had no knowledge of how to tackle these tasks if it wasn't for this course. Ever since I was young, my main interest has always been TV/Film, so it has been good to find that I can create artwork based on those characters/actors that I love and have inspired my life in such a positive way.

It was after graduating and having to source my own projects entirely, that I truly began to find my own style. I wanted to make it my mission to push my work beyond being just a 'nice painting' that could belong on a gallery wall, I wanted to create artwork that explored portraiture or realistic artwork and where it can belong in the everyday world, that started with the Riverdale project I was working on at the time of graduation. Pushing my work beyond the original painting gives my work a uniqueness that very few, if any, gallery artists do, so I wanted this inclusion of design and the commercial world to become my 'bonus feature' you could say.

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