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Chapter 56 - ArchieVerse - Riverdale - The Gay Best Friend - 2018

Updated: May 25, 2020

CASEY COTT - 'Kevin Keller' - 36 hours, 76x56cm acrylic painting on 425gsm Bockington Watercolour Paper

Kevin, just like his character, was a delight to work with. Below I have uploaded a photo of how I created the background. Just like what I learned from Lisa Lachi's airbrushing tutorials and used in my painting of Lili Reinhart, I used masking fluid and baking paper to protect Kevin from the mark making of the background, keeping his space white and ready for me to paint on.

Not to say that this piece was easy, but he was so nice to work with, his skin tones were really good to work with and easy to recreate - basic skin tones with the tiniest dash of red. Kevin's hair was also great to work with, the way his hair is styled is alot like Chris Evans in my painting of him, so it was just a case of remembering how I created that slicked hair look and applying it here. The eyebrows, again, just like Lili Reinhart's, were created using a slightly darker base, then black pencil over the top to create the look of individual hairs. This is a style that I used within all of the Riverdale series and still use now.

As for the jumper, that was something that baffled me for a little bit, as I had no idea how to go about that, I wanted the jumper to keep the textures like from the photo reference as it helps to convey the material of that thick jumper that everyone knows is comfy. I actually achieved this look by working in the same way that I did to create Josie McCoy's hair - by dabbing an old dry brush. His whole jumper appeared in the space of just one day, so that shows just how easy it is to create that texture in comparison to others. One additional touch I did at the end actually, I used the green from Kevin's jumper and added a watered down layer of it over the green of Kevin's eyes to help them pop more. That was a very spontaneous decision which I am glad I did, it helps tie the painting together through the use of the same colour palette.

Overall I did really enjoy working on this piece and I wouldn't change anything about him. The likeness is pretty spot on and that is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

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