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Chapter 52 - Shed/Studio Space For Creating Artwork - 2018

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Moving back home after uni meant that I had to create a space for me to able to continue to create artwork. Luckily with me and my family moving house, that meant there was a new empty space waiting for me to be decorated into a studio space. This is what I have done with my shed space in the garden.

It isn't the most ideal space because there isn't any heating or lighting, so I have had to buy my own heaters and spotlights, but it is a free place for me to work in and I can do whatever I want in there. I have painted the walls white so the space feels bigger and also reflects light in a better way than what the dark brown walls would have before. I have also filled the space with inspirational artwork alongside my own almost as a mood board for when I drift off in thought or am struggling with how to create something. There are also my DVD's, memorabilia and photos to help make the space my own, it actually has more of 'me' in it than my own bedroom! But yeah, this is the space I will be continuing the Riverdale series and future artworks until I move out to a place of my own or join a studio share space.

The bonuses of working in a studio space from home is that I can decorate it how I want, have my own space and can work independently. I am now however starting to struggle with those things. Working on my own for a couple of years now is losing the appeal, it would be nice to be in an environment similar to what it was at uni where I am with like minded people all working on our own projects where we can bounce off each other. Also the fact that this is at my home means I can easily procrastinate or just put my artwork off and make some excuse to do it another day. If I were to pay for a studio space elsewhere with other people, I think I would be more likely to take advantage of it because it would. be my money I would be wasting by not going as often as possible. It would also allow me to mingle with a new crowd of people and have artistic conversations, which again, I am struggling with at the moment, my circle of friends aren't creative so I don't really get to have those conversations that you sometimes need in the design process. I think a goal for 2021 maybe to consider looking for a new studio space so I can become part of a creative community, rather than being in my own bubble at the time.

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