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Chapter 51 - Exhibiting at New Designers London 2018

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

This is the only photo I took of the event and didn't save the original copy, so you are going to have to cope with this fun instagram version.

New Designers was an opportunity that me and a few other students from my illustration course got to go on. It is an event where third year students around the UK in the design world get to exhibit their work in the hopes that exhibiting in this way they can get job opportunities. Many companies go to this event looking to take students on as interns, for work experience or perhaps to start a students career. It was a group of around 12 of us from my course that exhibited, some of us had offers for work experience and other smaller job opportunities which was great to see and chat about.

Seeing the way that people interacted with my work is something that I will always remember though. Watching people pass by or come up close and either talk about Riverdale or talk about Chris Hemsworth with their friends was a comforting feeling. It was good to see that people not only recognised the two people I painted, but it also put a smile on their face when they did make that connection. That is the reason I enjoy doing what I do, it gets a reaction and then takes you to the film or TV show that the actor/actress is in for a few moments.

It was suggested that I take two of the three original portraits from my Teen Choice project, as there was only space to take two to the exhibition, but I decided not to because they are part of a set and it would be a shame to leave just one out. I decided to take Lili Reinhart instead and Chris Hemsworth because they both provide a talking point for the two big projects of my 3rd year at uni. This decision paid off as I ended up talking about the perfume project alot more than the Teen Choice one, the perfume project just had a deeper concept and was more meaningful, I would say, than the Teen Choice one. The perfume project had many different talking points - the TV storyboarding, the perfume ad, the message of being Beauty for yourself and not just to get a man, the casting Lili and the brand as a whole. The Teen Choice project, as good as it was, was essentially just picking people that I wanted to paint in and putting them in a poster reveal context and a continuation of exploring branding within social media. This reflected in the way I steered conversations I was having, I would always try and guide the conversation so I could talk about the perfume project as it had a deeper concept and easier to discuss.

The conversations that I had and seeing the way that people reacted to my work at this exhibition is something that I will take away from the event and is something that will continue to drive my work forward in the future.

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