• Olly Jordan

Chapter 40 - Teen Choice - Painting Tessa Thompson - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: May 25, 2020

Tessa Thompson - 45 hours, 76x56cm acrylic painting on 425gsm Bockington Watercolour Paper

I am pleased to say that this painting, in my opinion, is at the same quality as Chris Evans and Hemsworth! This was important to me because consistency within a series of paintings is key, obviously they have the same design with the silver V’s. but what links them together in an even stronger way is that they are all of the same high quality.

It took me a little while to get used to the skin tones as I had to use different paint tubes to what I usually would, but I am really happy with the outcome. I think it was a good decision to ease myself into a darker skin tone rather than going too dark as this was a nice introduction to a different colour palette. I did however make myself ill during this painting, my whole body just gave up and I could not even hold a paint brush, this was purely because I was overworked. After just a full day of rest and doing literally nothing, I was back to being able to paint like the mad machine I have been for the past 3 weeks. I have learnt however that I can burn out and I do need to look after myself a little bit more when painting, like taking an actual break, rather than eating lunch while still sat in front of the painting and therefore staring at a painting for 8 hours straight.

Besides falling ill, I did overall really enjoy creating this painting and it was refreshing to work with different tones. When it came to creating the dress, I did have a bit of a wobble as I was unsure of how I could recreate a waffle textured dress. I had considered just painting the dress as though it wasn’t textured, but then I thought that people do not really wear that coloured dress unless there is a pattern or texture to it. I did however end up playing around with many different experimental techniques to try and recreate a waffle effect. I experimented with different fabrics which had a slight netting to it, a metal magazine filer and even creating my own lino print, but none of these really made a convincing finish.

I thought that fishnet tights could be a good thing to experiment with, because they not only have a net design, but they also have elasticity, so if I stretch it further in certain areas, I could make the net pattern follow the perspective of the dress. Luckily the process of stretching the fishnet tights worked nicely to create a waffle texture. First, I created a stencil so that only the dress was able to get paint on it, then I rolled paint on one side of the fishnet tights, then hovered over the dress and stretched the tights to get the perspective I wanted, then I pressed it into position. This process worked really nicely, I did however have to do it in 4 different sections because they were not big enough for the whole painting in one go. I tried to use the fishnet tights in areas where there may perhaps be a seam to the dress in panels, because then at least that way, it would not matter if the pattern does not match up perfectly because that could be part of how the dress was made, and not me being incapable of lining things up properly. I was lucky in that it worked successfully and creates a good finish.

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