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Chapter 4 - Origin of Mark Making - A Levels 2014

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Emma 2

Here is another large scale study of my friend Emma, you can tell that just a year later, I had grown more ambitious with my painting not only in the way that I created a colourful splash background, but also the way that I have actually 'finished' a portrait and moved past the negative space idea from the previous painting.

2020 Reflection

Knowing now how I work with portraits, this seems like the origin of where I first experimented with mark making in a portrait, an abstraction vs realism piece. This piece is very stylistically similar to my current practise, especially like my Riverdale series with the blue and red background. The mark making here, you can tell I just used a small brush to do the whole thing, but it still achieves the job I suppose.

As for the actual portrait itself, the painting quality itself has improved since the year before as there are much more pleasing skin tones, but the standout part to me looking at it now is actually the pink scarf, I managed to create the folds and pink tones of the scarf quite well for the skill level I was at. The hair has also seen a drastic improvement, where in the previous study it was just brown with white pulling the highlights out, you can see I tried to use different shades of brown in the hair, which adds a new layer of realism to the work.

Again, it has been nice to revisit this painting years on, knowing that even from a young age, I did have a style developing and I have stuck with it and developed it over time.

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