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Chapter 39 - Teen Choice - Painting Chris Hemsworth - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: May 25, 2020

Chris Hemsworth - 52 hours, 76x56cm acrylic painting on 425gsm Bockington Watercolour Paper

This painting, I would say, is at the same high standard as Chris Evans, which is good as that means I can be consistent for a series of paintings. Hemsworth’s face was finished a lot quicker than Evans’, but I still managed to clock up the hours so they took basically the same amount of time because Hemsworth’s suit was a lot more complicated than Evans’, in fact, the suit alone took 22 hours to create.

Overall I am very happy with this final artwork as it does capture Chris Hemsworth’s likeness very well and the suit is just on another level! I can not imagine painting patterns like that anytime soon, and it certainly was a challenge to create a black pattern on a black suit, but the subtlety of it works really nicely and looks very impressive in person because you can see more details of the suit when the light hits it in certain areas.

I think that Hemsworth’s face was quicker to paint because his skin tones were easier to recreate and there was a simple lighting. The beard of this painting is maybe slightly more successful than Evans’ as the colours are a lot more natural and the hair placement is very neat. I went through the same processes in creating the beard.

When it came to painting the hair, you can see that I painted the sides first, then the back of the head, and then the fringe at the front. Layering like this is important as it helps to give depth, especially seeing as the hair is at different lengths, the hair in the sides of Hemsworth’s head is a lot shorter than what is on top, and so both hair lengths require different techniques to create.

Here I have taken photos of the process of creating the suit pattern. First I would draw it up. This was quite challenging to draw up because it was hard to see where the black pattern was on the black suit, so I printed out an edited version of my reference photo where I had upped the brightness, you will also notice that there is a grid I have drawn up, this is what helped me to keep up high levels of accuracy when it came to drawing up the pattern. By drawing a grid on my printed reference photo and then scale the grid up to the same size as what I wanted the scale to be on my painting allowed me to just draw what I could see in each individual square, rather than draw the pattern as a whole. The grid method is a lot more accurate than what I would have created if I hadn’t used it.

I am just hoping that my painting of Tessa Thompson will be able to maintain the high standard of artwork I have been producing. I am currently a week behind on my schedule because each of the paintings have taken slightly longer than planned. Luckily, I have been juggling this project with my minor project (Once Upon a Dream) at the same time, and I am ahead of schedule with that project, so I suppose I could say that I am still on target for a low-stress hand-in. Tessa Thompson should not take as long to paint as these two because she takes up a lot less room on the paper for starters because she has a smaller body, she is also wearing a simple pink dress with no intricate patterns like with Hemsworth, her hairstyle is wavy which is usually quick to create because I would just have to paint in clumps. Hopefully she will be done within 5 8 hour sessions, which is still around 45 hours of work, only 7 fewer than these guys, but still would be beneficial if I could get her done in just one week.

2020 Reflection

This painting is one that I will always care about and I think it is one of the best from my time at uni. I personally think Lili Reinhart is the best outcome from uni, then this painting purely because of the suit. I will always look at this piece and be shocked at how I actually pulled it off. I could have chosen any suit and any reference photo, but I decided to challenge myself and it really paid off. The process of having to work in layers using the masking fluid to protect where the plaid pattern was is something that I still find baffling, I don't know if I still have that kind of patience now, I suppose I will have to test it by working with more outfits that have pattern.

If I were to rework this painting, I wouldn't change too much, but I have noticed that one of Hemsworth's eyes is too small, like, the whole left eye area is just too small. I would just rework and make the eye bigger, it is just probably something I can see however and he doesn't look completely off to be fair, so because it is a detail that doesn't take away from the likeness I won't rework him anytime soon. This piece also is a bit old now and I don't think I would put this series in my portfolio if I had to show someone tomorrow, so there is no harm in leaving this Teen Choice series back in 2018 and leave them as a milestone series through time.

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