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Chapter 37 - Artist - Ben Tallon - Mark Making Matters - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

When having a quick 1to1 with the tutors, it was suggested that I take a look at some of Ben Tallon’s work because of his use of typography. I can see why his work was suggested for me to look at, each of the letters just has a natural flow and relationship between one another. This typography is clearly the word written in one go, rather than hand picking the best version of each letter and photoshopping it together like I had been doing. The splats do help to bring the letters together in Ben Tallon’s work, as that is what helps give a relationship between the letters, as well as their natural closeness.

Tallon has gotten most of his commissions from his typography work, some clients include Channel 4, The Guardian, World Wrestling Entertainment, Penguin Books, Premier League and many others. This could be a good side direction for me to go into, alongside portrait and general painting work, painterly typography could work for me. I could imagine my typography working just as well on the Women’s Health Magazine for that article because of its strength and boldness, which is what the article appears to be about. http://www.bentallon.com/about-ben-tallon-illustration.php

2020 Reflection

Since using Tallon's work for this project 2 years ago, in current day of 2020, I have discovered that he hosts a podcast 'Arrest All Mimics'. I have found it an inspiring podcast to listen to while out on a walk or doing general everyday tasks as he invites other artists to discuss their art career. It is comforting to hear that in most cases so far that they all started in a similar position to me, in that they finished uni, got a normal full/part-time job and continued creating work on the side. In most cases, they usually then drop their full/part-time job when their art career is picking up the pace and are getting a regular income from commissions. They are usually late 20's early 30's at this point, so that just proves that it takes time to get a career started and I need to trust what I am doing more.

He describes his own career on the podcast similarly to what I have been doing, he carried on working with subject matter that interested him after uni, which then created a brand theme and identity, so people getting in contact in most cases wanted work based on themes similar to what he had been working on as passion projects which then made his career escalate to the success he is now. Again, I just need to trust my own process and what I am working on, people will be able to see that my passions are pop culture in particular, but through extension, portraits of people and animals, which is what I have started to get asked to commission now I am promoting my work more on social media.

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