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Chapter 34 - Artist - Luke Butland - Bringing a Painting to Life - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I came across Luke Butland’s work on an art sharing page on Instagram where his Black Panther piece had been brought to life through an animated gif. The painting was slowly revealed and then hidden away, this is what inspired me to consider an animation reveal of nominees in my Teen Choice project. On his twitter account, you can see the animated gif, https://twitter.com/i/status/963176774946426880

According to his website, Luke Butland works in quite a range of artistic genres - illustration, animation and promotion design, but what makes his portfolio so consistent is the fact that all of his work is based on famous people and involves portraits. Although this artist is someone who I accidentally stumbled upon, his portfolio is pretty much what I could see myself heading towards over time. When looking through his work, he seems to have either been commissioned to create a poster, entered movie tribute projects, or have personal projects just for fun. He describes on one of the images in his portfolio, ‘Ghost in the Shell’, that he has created the poster for a Poster Posse Tribute Project. Looking deeper into that, Poster Posse is a company that ‘enhances marketing and social media campaigns for film studios and beyond.’ The company have produced artwork for multiple clients, some include Disney, Pixar, Hyundai, Marvel, Warner Bros, Coca Cola, the list goes on. Poster Posse appears to work quite like an agency where the artists have their own portfolio on the website and this company will get them the live commission briefs to be able to create these posters. This would be a good company to remember and follow as it maybe of interest to me later on in life.

Back to Luke Butland though, on his ‘Who am I’ section of his website, he talks in third person about how has his own brand identity known as ‘Lost Mind Design Studio.’

‘Lost Mind Design Studio was founded in 2015 as a creative outlet for Luke Butland. Working predominantly within the entertainment sector, Luke crafts illustrative solutions and creative content for his clients. Over the past two years, LMDS have worked with an array of clients creating illustrated and more traditional Key artwork that is used across social and print to promote upcoming releases.’

He lists on his website how some of the clients he has worked for includes Disney, Macho, Fox, Sony Music and a couple more less commonly known companies. In terms of this project, I wanted to take the idea of subtle animated gifs to bring a painting to life as well as the knowledge that there are still ways of getting into the social media promotion side of a film, which would allow me to work with celebrity references like the rest of my portfolio. When looking closer at his animation, it is quite clear that it has been created in a number of layers. There is a base background, which is red. Then the portrait of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther is revealed, then additional paint marks emerging at the same time as the text going over the top of the portrait, this then all reverses so that just the red background is left. This is something I wanted to look into when making my designs for the portraits as well as how the branding would work. How to actually create the animation: - Things to consider Will I have a background separate to a portrait with no branding at all on it, then some individual paint marks added within the animation to help bring it to life? Or would I have everything on the original portrait painting - background, branding, portrait, then edit it in photoshop so that the elements are separated.




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