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Chapter 32 - Teen Choice - Spotting The Branding In The Awards Ceremony - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

To get an idea of where branding can be seen in the Teen Choice Awards overall, I watched the show on Youtube and tried to screenshot as many areas where there is branding used within the show. It was used a lot more than I had considered before and there are also a lot of different types of branding used. There is obviously the logo, but then that is used in multiple ways, you can see it on the surfboard and as a single static image, but then it is also seen going in and out of advert breaks, as well as just the typography being used on the animated screens behind the presenters throughout the show. The surfboard award obviously contains the branding too, but even that has two different types of branding, on the front is the commonly seen logo with other painterly mark making on it to help make the artwork look more complete on the board, but then on the back is just the text of the logo with some swirly brush marks that weave in and out of the text to help show a different design. The branding is also used throughout the show on stage, and again, there are multiple versions of painterly branding brush strokes being used and animated here. Sometimes the screens are filled with multi-coloured paint strokes, but then others, it is individual brush strokes that slowly move up the screen. There is also a type of branding that I am calling a horizontal credit scroller, this is the titles that appear on screen to introduce the name of the presenter and the award they are presenting, or the TV/Film that has been nominated. These horizontal credit scrollers have different colours depending on the theme of the award or if it is presenting, blue and pink is used for the main branding though as that matches with the colours of the logo. There is also a paint mark that animates across the names on the horizontal scroller to reveal a new name and award when there has been multiple wins by the same winner, like Riverdale. There is also branding used to help transition between nominees, a mass of paint mark making covers the screen and then the net nominee is revealed. There is definitely a lot more than I had previously considered, however, the most important branding to work on is the logo, animating the logo so it could be used on social media and to cut to tv ad-breaks, the surfboard design, the horizontal credit scroller, stage, and the branding for nominees and winners. There is also the red carpet to think about too, for the celebrities to have their photos taken in front of before entering the award ceremony. Perhaps simplifying my project to just focus on certain aspects of the branding is more achievable for one person to do in the space of 2 months. What interested me the most was working with creating my own logo, the poster promotion material so I could actually use my portraits in context, and social media content. Things like the surfboard design, stage design and other TV animation were a bit too farfetched for just me to create in that space of time.

Looking At The Logo Through The Years

Looking through the previous years of branding, it is clear that there is someone completely different creating the brand identity for the Teen Choice, ranging from a Pop art inspired style, vector based style, to the painterly graphic style of most recently. The typography has pretty much stayed the same pretty much each year with a very simple sans serif font, most likely Helvetica. Another noticeable thing in common between these logos is the colour palette, the colours tend to be on the cooler side, so greens, blues and purples. So I will have to bare this in mind when creating my branding to go around my portraits.

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