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Chapter 31 - Teen Choice - Aiming at the Stars - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Deciding on Who to Paint for the Project


I started the project by focusing first on which actors I would like to work with. By looking at the awards listed above, I highlighted in blue which ones are people that I am familiar with for the roles that they have played in order to be nominated.

The next round of elimination of who I would work with was relatively easy once I actually had the shortlist above. I chose Chris Pine, Gal Gadot and Chris Pratt out of the list of 10 above. I have chosen these 3 because they are from different categories, all in one. The majority of the actors on the list above are either from Riverdale or Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is a project I touched on in second year of uni, so I didn't want to revisit that theme just yet. As for the Riverdale work, I knew that I wanted to create a project based on Riverdale over summer or after graduation in my own way in my own time, so I purposely avoided them because I didn't want to repeat myself by ending up painting Lili Reinhart's face 3 times in the space if a year for example.

Collecting Reference Imagery

Looking back at Viktor Miller-Gausa’s project where he illustrated the top 10 Oscar Nominees, he did not actually make illustrations of how the actors/actors looked on the awards night. In the images below, you can see what a couple of actors wore on the night, but in Miller-Gausa’s illustrations, Ryan Gosling is in a brown suit, and Emma Stone is in a black dress. I am thinking that I may well follow in this style by picking my own outfits to work from for this project which still helps capture the event nicely.

Photoshopping Reference Images Together

Photoshopping my photo references together is an important part of my process when it comes to making my portraits, not only because it allows me to up my level of skills in Photoshop, but also because it allows me to create a new collaged photo that has not been seen before, and therefore, allowing me to use the celebrity photo references that I have not actually taken and not get accused of copyright and plagiarism issues.

Action Movie Actress: Gal Gadot

Here is my photoshop edit of Gal Gadot, you can see on the left side of her cheek where I have had to block out what is on the layer behind. This is quite a smooth and sleek photoshop edit and would be perfect to work from because the lighting is pretty much in the same spot. I wanted the lighting to be from the front to help give a feeling of a photoshoot on the red carpet, this would give the feeling that the photo has been taken straight from the event and then been painted to go along with the branding. Picking a red sparkling sequin dress would allow me to paint something I never have before, and that is metallic sequins, they would most likely be drawn up as abstract shapes which when painted, would create a shimmery finish.

Action Movie Actor: Chris Pine

Here I used three separate images to create this photo, one of his body, one of his face, and another of his hair. The same as with Gal Gadot, I wanted the lighting to be from the front to give the impression of a photoshoot. I would have to experiment with beards and stubble to create this portrait, as well as a tweed jacket texture, that is something I had not worked with before this point.

Sci-Fi Movie Actor: Chris Pratt

Similarly to Chris Pine, I used 3 different reference photos to create this image, one for the body, one for the face, and one for the hair. Again, I wanted there to be consistency of lighting from the front.

Feedback from Presentation Pitch - A Change in Concept

It was suggested that I could make predictions of who would be nominated for the Teen Choice Awards 2018 so that I was more current as well as in keeping with the times for when our final summer show would exhibit. In terms of the branding for this however, obviously, there would be a completely new brand style for 2018 awards as it changes each year, but working in my natural style as almost, an alternate brand identity could work well. By predicting who would be picked allowed me to have free rein of who I would want to work with and would be a good chance to add in different types of people into my portfolio. Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ has been a very big success and would most definitely be picked for many awards, so that is a film to consider not only because of its popularity, but also because it would get someone of colour into my portfolio. In terms of what I will do next, I will take a look online at current and recently released films as well as upcoming films before the Teen Choice 2018 and put actors of my choosing into categories. Finding New Actors To Work From To Be In-Keeping With The New Idea Of Predicting Who Would Win Awards

Thor Ragnarok seemed to go down very well by critics so that could be a film that is very likely to be picked at Teen Choice Awards for something. I thought that Tessa Thompson could be good to work with because she is a woman of colour and that would add something new to my portfolio. She would fit into the category of CHOICE MOVIE ACTRESS: COMEDY. I also decided to do a painting of Chris Hemsworth for his role as Thor to fit into the category of CHOICE MOVIE ACTOR: COMEDY. Avengers Infinity War was also a film coming out at the end of April 2018 and was the most anticipated film of the year. I thought that Chris Evans would be a nominee for CHOICE MOVIE ACTOR: ACTION because of his role of portraying Captain America over 10 years of the MCU would most likely come to a dramatic end in some way due to his contract ending with this film. Little did the world know at this point in time however, that this was actually a story being told over the space of 2 films, and the sequel was released a year later but filmed at the same time as Infinity War.

Above is a chart which displays the All Time Worldwide Box Office grosses in 2018, (obviously the time that I was creating this project). You can see that even within the top 20 of all time there are 5 movies from the MCU - Marvel's The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Black Panther, Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War. This helps to emphasise my point that Marvel is very current and popular these days with everyone and so it would be a good idea for me to choose stars from that universe. Seeing as I was making predictions of an event that hadn't happened yet, I decided I would not label my artwork as the 'winners', just with the category that are being nominated for.

New Photoshopped Photo References

Action Movie Actor: Chris Evans

As previously discussed with my old photoshops edits of Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Chris Pratt, I have used multiple image references to create all of these images and I wanted the lighting to be from the front to appear like a photoshoot. I have used two seperate images to create this photo reference for me to work from with Chris Evans, one with his body, one for his head. The challenge when working with Chris Evans here will be slicked hair and teeth, these are things that I am not that familiar with. When painting teeth, it can be very easy to draw the viewer's attention to the teeth when they are done badly or falsely. If I were to whiten then or give them a false colour, they would look fake and therefore too distracting, I will need to remember that even the whitest teeth are not actually white.

Comedy Movie Actor: Chris Hemsworth

Here I have used 3 separate images to create Chris Hemsworth’s portrait reference, one of his body, one of his face, and another for his hair. The challenge when working with this reference will be the suit, I have not worked with patterns before, especially not patterns which have a different material quality to one another.

Comedy Movie Actress: Tessa Thompson

Here I have photoshopped to images together, one for the body, the other for the hair, however, I am intending on changing Thompson’s makeup to a darker red lip like how you can see in the floating smile in the top right hand side. The challenge to work with here will be the skin tones, I have not worked with someone of colour, so I will have to use completely different paint tubes to get these colours correct.

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