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Chapter 30 - Final Projects - Teen Choice Awards/Once Upon a Dream Book Cover - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

With just 3 months left of our Illustration course, of course, they save the best until last. We were given free reign in sourcing our own projects, one had to be the main project that took up the bulk of your work, then one smaller side project but it couldn't be related to the main project.

For my main project, inspired by Viktor Miller-Gausa's Oscar's project, I wanted to create my own awards ceremony based artwork. I wanted my final project to be a show stopper, much like an awards ceremony, I wanted it to be working with actors who are suited and booted for the event, a project based on celebration just like our final projects would be a final celebration before we graduate. I decided to work on a project based on the Teen Choice Awards because that is a celebratory event, disassociated from Miller-Gausa's Oscar's project, works with actors and celebs that interest me, and is a brand that could allow for some playful creative branding.

I can't specifically remember the brief or find the document where I had outline the deliverables and statement of intent, but it was essentially this: 'Create a new brand identity for Teen Choice Awards. Create 3 portraits which also use the brand identity as examples of how the branding would be used within promotional material.' I tried to keep the definition of 'brand identity' and 'promotion material' quite open to interpretation so I could truly explore the world of branding without focusing in on too many specific deliverables. I was assuming that poster design and logo design would be involved with the project, but I wanted the project to stay open to be able to explore whatever avenue I needed to explore. I do end up looking into animation and how the branding would work on TV as well as the core branding ideas mentioned like logo design and poster design. I also added '3 portraits' to the brief as that was the main thing I wanted to take from this project, the way that portraits work across a series, how to keep the same style and identity kept across a series of artworks that work as standalone pieces and part of a set as that was something I hadn't explored before. It was important however that whatever branding I designed for the promotion material had to come across to the original paintings.

As for the smaller project, I wanted to explore other areas where portraiture could belong in a commercial world. Again, I can't remember the exact wording of the brief, but it was along the lines of: 'Design and create a book cover design for Liz Braswell's 'Once Upon a Dream: A Twisted Tale'.' I decided that I would illustrate a book cover for one of my favourite books because that is an industry that usually requires a quick turn around and is essentially just a double page spread, so seemingly a much smaller project in comparison to my open ended branding and portraiture project for the Teen Choice stuff. You will notice in this brief that there wasn't a specific subject matter described in the brief, it was kept quite open ended to whatever I felt fit, luckily as you will see in my blog posts when I get to it, I did not end up going down the portraiture route as I came into some complications with this project.

These two projects are ones that I had to juggle at the same time as one another, I did the Teen Choice project during the daytime, then the Once Upon a Dream project I did in the evenings as that was a more casual side project. For the blog however, I will try and simplify the process of these projects by bulking research into bigger posts and just keeping in key moments. I will also post the Teen Choice project from beginning to end first, then the Once Upon a Dream project, both will be posted in a similar way to how I posted my 'Belle' Perfume project - separate posts for different research topics, artwork development etc.

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