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Chapter 29 - Artist - Viktor Miller-Gausa - Getting Award Ready - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

‘I would like to tell you about such as I was lucky enough to draw 10 portraits for the Oscar 2017 Award. These portraits are drawn for the Academy's online resources. But, the illustration with the statuette itself was broadcast during the opening ceremony on the red carpet. It was an incredible experience. Most of the films I watched before the annual award and it was easier for me to work. I was curious to know who would become the best actor or actress and which movie would be considered the best. It was exciting, working with such a project and worrying about your favorite actresses and actors. I am pleased to present the project. I want to thank Ford for the opportunity to work for such a big event in the world of cinema. And thanks to everyone who watches this project, it is very important for me.’

These are the words that Viktor Miller-Gausa has as a description along with the body of work that is his‘Oscar 2017 Red Carpet and the top 10 Nominees.’ This project is one that I found inspiring for multiple reasons: the fact that he had been chosen to illustrate such an impressive event, but there is realism and branding used throughout the series which makes it obviously part of a series. Getting the opportunity to work on a series of portraits was something I hadn't done before, so this was going to be my first, way before the likes of Riverdale, The Lion King andToy Story that are in my portfolio on my website now. Although I knew I was not necessarily going to work in a visually similar style to Miller-Gausa, the branding and concept is what I would take away from this for my final project at uni. I think it maybe a good idea to get into contact with Miller-Gausa to see just how such an opportunity happened for him, he mentions that ‘Ford’ gave him this opportunity and art-direction, but it would be good to find out more as to whether the company just happened to come across him and got in contact or if there was some other form of conversation made. Clicking the link provided on Viktor Miller-Gausa’s Oscar’s project about Ford Oelman takes you to a tumblr page,The official tumblr of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’. In the archived section you can see Miller-Gausa’s work which is great, but it does not tell you anything about Oelman, although I did manage to find another form of design which I could consider creating for my final uni project. When looking at his linkedin account, it does infact say that he is the Art Director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

These appear to be cards or designs that could be displayed in a programme booklet which guests would receive at the awards ceremony. This could be a quick and easy thing for me to create as a bonus little thing and would be nice to have a physical outcome. The design of these cards appear to be quite simple, the abstract design in the background is actually just a zoomed in section of the Oscar’s award trophy which has been edited into just one colour palette. I could consider a similar idea by using zoomed in areas of the surfboard but then restrict it to just one single colour, probably to compliment the logo design, but obviously I will have to research further into the feel and design of previous logos throughout the years to see if this soft and sophisticated feel would be relevant.



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