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Chapter 28 - Artist or Illustrator? Creating a Brand Name - 2018

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The battle between artist, graphic designer and now illustrator was something that I have always struggled with since originally deciding to take my art more seriously by studying both graphics and art at A Levels, which then led me to the illustration course I was on at the time of creating a brand name for myself. Although yes, I was on an illustration course and illustration kind of opens up the ability to work in both a design context or a fine art context, I always thought the word 'illustrator' just wasn't me. I made the decision to label myself an 'Artist', this is because I could realistically see myself leaning more towards the world of portraits, commissions and that route, rather than working in the commercial world. I like the relationship an artist has with its client, it is so personal and direct, whereas if you are part of a big label company working on projects, yeah you might be working on big stuff, but you are just another worker and replaceable. I would still be interested in working in the big commercial world, but as a freelancer or commission based work like Olly Moss, he is still freelance like I would be as an artist but he has also worked on commissions from Marvel to work on Thor artwork which is amazing!

Once I decided the name I would want for myself, it only made sense to create a logo and brand identity for myself. I knew instantly that I wanted pink and a dark brown as my colour palette and that it should have a paintbrush aesthetic. I wanted to work with a dark brown in my logo because as a rule that I have kept with me for years, I don't use black unless it is a manmade subject like a car or technology for example. Then I wanted pink because that is a colour that I work with pretty much all the time within my artwork, especially for portraits. The paintbrush aesthetic is pretty self explanatory to be honest, everything within my portfolio is based on artwork created with my acrylic paintings.

After playing around with brush typography I created the logo attached above and I stuck with it ever since. I was working on a branding module on my illustration course when I made this logo, I did feel bad that I didn't have the name 'illustration' within my brand, but I just wasn't feeling it.

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