• Olly Jordan

Chapter 27 - 'Belle' Perfume - Be Beauty, for Yourself Part 2 - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I still had around 4 days left until the deadline, so it was suggested that I make an alternate magazine ad that would accompany Lili's ad in the perfume campaign. They could work well and compliment eachother, maybe as a double page spread or the one with Lili gets seen in certain contexts and one of a study of the perfume bottle gets seen in other places. Either way, with a few days left to spare, it seemed like a good idea to push the project further in that time.

The concept was simple, I already had the design layout from the ad with Lili, all I needed was another piece of artwork to be the focus of the ad. Painting the perfume bottle itself worked perfectly as you could literally see the bottle coming to life in the ad context and the mark making would be coming from the bottle in the same shade as the liquid of the perfume. Working with glass was something that I had not done before however, so this presented a new challenge and the abstract shapes used there.

The painting took only 7 hours, so that is essentially just 1 day to produce a new final outcome. I initially was dreading the idea of painting glass as I had never done it before, the abstract nature of the marks to create the feeling of glass was really surprisingly nice to work with. I just had to work in a way where I was looking at the bottle's colours section by section, rather than try to make sense of it, trust the process a bit. I wasn't sure of the painting at first, but it was once I took a photo of it and saw it on my phone that I realised that painting was really successful. To add the logo to the label on the bottle, I used coloured pencils and just added a bit of water to a small brush to help blend the colours together to give it a painterly feel to tie in with the rest of the painting. There would have been no way that I would be able to get typography painted accurately with just my paint and brush. Mixed media has really helped me to create a sharpness to my work that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do.

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