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Chapter 26 - 'Belle' Perfume - Be Beauty, for Yourself - Lili Magazine Ad - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Once I had the painting of Lili Reinhart finished, it was a case of putting her in the magazine context. I am pleased with how the advert has turned out. The portrait painting is one of my best to date at that point in time. It was good to see how my work could fit into an editorial advertisement context and that is a a rewarding feeling to see the hard work has paid off.

When it came to putting the painting of Lili into the advert. it was a little harder than I expected, the painting is quite triangular, which is fine for a painting, but perhaps not in an advertisement, especially when the bottle is is the bottom right corner. I wanted the bottle there as it follows the crowd when it comes to perfume adverts, I would imagine that the bottle is often in the bottom right hand side so that it can be easily spotted when flicking through a magazine. The challenge was the ribbon of the bottle and the black of Lili's dress, I not want the two to look as though they are part of the same thing. The use of a photo of the bottle helped to distinguish between the two.

I decided to use 'Be Beauty, for Yourself.' as my perfume tagline as I felt it helped add more parallels between the TV ad and the magazine ad, rather than just the hashtag. I did make quite alot of decisions about how to even type the tagline, I decided to capitalise the words 'beauty' and 'yourself' to give them more power and almost give them a human quality. I also decided to put a full stop after the tagline rather than leaving it open as it feels more like a statement or fact, something that could almost be an instruction.

I have also put the advert in a number of situations where you may see it by using photoshop. I discovered a great website called 'mockupworld' where you could basically download a file and digitally place your file on to whatever you wanted, in this case, I chose the London Underground digital advertisement screens, a magazine and a bus stop. Seeing the advert in these situations and looking quite realistic with the download really makes the project feel more complete and almost as though I have actually gone out and published the brand. I think this project will always be a strong piece for my portfolio because it has a deep concept that has is relevant to current feminist movements and the work is very close to what you do see in perfume ads.

Celebrity Acknowledgement - Lili Reinhart liked my work based on her

The perfect way to end a project I will always cherish from my time at uni! Lili Reinhart liked my magazine ad, original painting and post which showed close up details. It was a completely overwhelming moment when I saw the notifications come through on instagram, a celebrity that I care about alot has seen what I do?! I know that it is just a like, but it is mad to think that she has actually seen my work and took the time to like what I did with it. Obviously this whole magazine concept is something she isn't actually a part of, so it was good to see that she kind of supports the concept of it all in a way.

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