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Chapter 21 - 'Belle' Perfume - Casting Lili Reinhart as the Face of my Ad - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Every perfume ad campaign that is successful has a celebrity face attached to it - Chris Hemsworth working with Boss, Natalie Portman working with Dior, Kiera Knightley working with Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, I didn't want my ad campaign to be any different. My target market for my perfume was 18-27 year old females who shop on the high street in shops like Boots, The Perfume Shop, The Fragrance Shop. Baring my target market in mind, and being in the same age range myself, I have a good idea of who that age range are inspired by and watching at the moment in popular culture. I decided that Lili Reinhart would be the perfect celeb to work with to instantly appeal to the target market.

Lili Reinhart plays Betty Cooper in Netflix's Riverdale. Riverdale is a show that first aired in January 2017 and is still going today. Lili's character, Betty Cooper, is known for her iconic blonde ponytail. Unlike the stereotype of being a 'dumb blonde', Betty is one of the most intelligent girls of high school and strives for perfection in all aspects of her life, being the perfect daughter, sister, student and friend to all. Her character development over the show is very inspiring and she would make a very good role model.

However, although Lili is known for her portrayal as Betty, the ad campaign would not be a Riverdale spin off where Betty promotes a product. I have chosen to use Lili Reinhart as the face of my ad campaign because she is very popular in the current pop culture world, she is in the age range of the target market, she is very naturally beautiful, she is also blonde and would take the name of the brand 'Belle' away from any associations of Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast who has brown hair. These are all specifications I suppose for if the 'Belle' company I have designed were to rebrand with a new face of the ad in the future to keep up with current trends.

In order to collect my photo references to work from for my magazine ad, I had to search all of google images to find enough to collage together to work from something new so I do not breach any copyright issues as well as to create a whole new image that does not actually exist anywhere. To keep Lili looking like Lili and not like the character from Riverdale, I wanted to work from photos where her hair was down, as Betty almost always has her hair up in a ponytail, so that would take her away from Riverdale a little bit more. I will attach the separate images I used to create the photoshop edit at the bottom of this post so it doesn't take up too much space during this discussion, but below is the photoshop collage where I used 3 separate images to make the new reference image. I used one image of Lili's face, one of her hair, then the final one for her neck, body and dress.

It was hard to find photos that were very different from one another while still having the potential to work well in a fashion advertisement context. The most important thing when looking for images to collage together is the lighting, the lighting in each of the photos needs to be the same and from the same angle as otherwise it would look extremely odd, luckily photos with a white flash from an event works nicely here as it creates a very natural glow and makes Lili look very glamorous, so that works perfectly for my perfume ad. Most of the photos I found of Lili have her with the same facial expression and her head is tilted at an angle with a slight smile and one eyebrow raised. Because there are so many photos of Lili out there where she is pulling the same expression, this could work in my favour in terms of copyright issues as alot of the photos out there by all sorts of people kind of look the same in that case, its just her hair, makeup and outfit that make the difference. To create something new however and keep her away from her character of Betty, I have as discussed previously, used a photo where her hair is down and styled in a glamorous way. To compliment the glam hair and makeup, I have picked a photo where she is wearing a sophisticated and feminine black dress. This actually works perfectly because part of the perfume's branding uses dark grey in the colour palette, so that looks intentional for a photoshoot by my brand. I may when I am painting change her makeup slightly to compliment my brand's colour palette too.

Face Reference


Hair Reference


Neck, Body, Dress Reference - on the 4th swipe of Insta post


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