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Chapter 20 - 'Belle' Perfume - Process of Packaging the Pink Parfum - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Here is my end result of the 'Belle' perfume packaging project. The stickers on both the bottle and the top of the packaging, the design and physical mockups were all part of my project. The other half of this project is the advertising that works with Lili Reinhart, but I will get into that on a separate post. I would like to briefly explore the logo design development, branding and packaging development in this post.

Beginning the Project - The Research and Sourcing a Bottle to Work With

To begin this project I had a little snoop around my local Boots store in the perfume section to take note on what the packaging and branding looks like in the real world: the way that there is the logo printed onto the perfume bottle and how the bottle is presented, the shapes and sizes of the packaging. I noticed that alot of packaging had a cellophane wrapping around the packaging to add security to the bottle as well as excitement to opening the bottle. The longer it takes to unwrap a purchase, the more your anticipation builds and you get excited about what is inside. I would have to experiment with cellophane so my product fits in with the market. Many perfume bottles had an added touch to it like a bow to give it the feeling of being a luxurious present.

The next stop was to an old antique store to find a cheap empty perfume bottle I could base my project on.

I ended up choosing a small square bottle, the one in the photo above, as I could see the potential of it working well with a modern update with branding as it already had quite a sleek design.

Designing the Net and Brand Mark Making

Once I had my bottle to work with and did a combination of first hand research looking at perfume packaging and browsing online at trends, I started to design a net. Most of the perfume packaging I looked at basically had the same packaging net, not any crash bottom bases or anything, all used what is in the image above. Seeing as alot of my research showed that perfume packaging does in most cases use one type of net, it is just the branding and finishing touches like foiling or embossing for example that make the package unique, it made my job easier of designing a net as I just had to follow the same design as all the others on the market and fully focus on the imagery on the package. I did add a little curve on what would be front of the package so that your thumb can get an easier grip on the tab to open the box. Once I had the net design ready, it was just making final tweaks to make it fit my bottle in the perfect way, this meant I had to consider how the card I was using would fold up, fixture choices, how much space the bottle needed within the box for the box to be tight enough to the bottle that it would be able to move but also wide enough that you can actually get your fingers in to reach in and grab the bottle. This was just making minor tweaks like changing certain lengths of the net by a few millimetres.

After many experiments with the colour palette and how to actually create the mark making I wanted to go onto the packaging, I finally settled on the design above. As I set for myself in my brief, I wanted the branding to be inspired by Ben Jeffery's work, so something I had to consider within the branding for the packaging was how transferable the style could be in the portrait of my model for the advert through its painterly mark making. I needed a style on the packaging that could be simple enough that I could easily recreate it with the portrait, or perhaps if I suddenly needed it to go on a website or large scale on other forms of advertising, I could easily do more. This design uses just one shade of acrylic paint, pink blush, and is build up in layers. The first layer is very watered down, once that dried, I added another layer and another, then kept that going until the colours get very bold. The gradual transition to a bolder colour was something that I wanted because it gave the feeling of empowerment within the feminine colour and also could represent how the perfume bursts to life. The way that the mark making fades out to white also lends itself to the way that this design would have to wrap around the package. If I were to have strong mark making all the way across the package, I would need it to have a flush and neat meet up when the two ends wrap around to eachother, otherwise it would look like a sloppy design. However, having the two ends that would wrap around and glue together essentially having just a few splats on a white background means that the wrap around works with no issues of painting misalignment.

Logo Designing Stage 1

Here are my designs at the mid point of my design process. I created the logo design for 'Belle' and stickers that would go on top of the packaging to help seal the product, as well as a sticker to go on the bottle itself.

The logo itself I wanted to have a soft handwritten feeling in the way that the letters are all joined together. I also went with grey as the font rather than black as I wanted it to have a more feminine and softer look. Black can be very harsh in design and almost masculine? The use of a mid-grey gives a softer feeling to the brand. The 'Eau de Parfum' is in the same shade of pink as the branding already designed. This shade of pink is also the shade of pink I wanted the liquid of the perfume to be, so everything ties together nicely there. The mid-grey carries out through the design on the sticker for the bottle. This sticker I designed folds itself around onto two sides of the bottle. I wanted the front to have the logo, of course, and rather than the bottom to have all the necessary logos like flammable and 40ml, I wanted it on the side so that I could also give a brief description of the ingredients and notes used in the perfume.

Here is a photoshoot of the products at this current moment. You can see I also added a grey bow to the bottle that is the same shade of the sticker on the bottle. The perfume bottle had a neck to it that was the perfect size for a small piece of ribbon and following on from the research I did in the beginning, adding the bow just adds that finishing touch, helps tie the design together, and helps elevate the desire of the luxury product. I followed alot of the trends from my research and used Folding Box Board as my paper of choice and cellophane wrap to seal the product in place.

Reworking the Product

At this point, this is the result of 2 weeks of the 6 that we had to make our whole project which would also include my portrait advert. This happened alot quicker than I originally anticipated. However, this is before even the mid point of our project, so I hadn't had conversations with tutors about their thoughts at this point because I was so focused on getting this done so I could focus on the portrait as I knew that painting that would take the majority of my time, as well as coming up with the concept for the magazine ad. In my group critique with the tutors and other students, there were a few design critiques that were mentioned. It was suggested that rather than a generic leaf motif around the logo, I could have an illustration of an ingredient that is within the perfume to give it more context, they also said that the 'B' of Belle looks a little like a 13 rather than B, which I truly had not even noticed because I had spent so much time flying through the project. Although these comments, to be honest, they did mess up the plans for my day as I had the background painting for my portrait while in this group crit, they were all fair and valid opinions to help add more depth to my product. I do have to add, they were overall very happy with what I had managed to come up with in the space of two weeks, as well as my concept for the perfume ad with Lili Reinhart, but I will get into that side of it in another post about casting Lili as my subject for the ad campaign.

After reflecting on the tutors comments, to be fair, I did very quickly change the logo design in the evenings after working on my portrait painting during the day. I added an illustration of a rose into the logo design. I chose a rose because it is one of the ingredients in the perfume. I wanted the rose illustration to be very subtle and behind the typography of the logo so it doesn't become too significant in the design, just a subtle thing. Using a paler shade of grey also added another colour to the brands colour palette, so if the brand were to launch a website for example, they could use the peachy pink for branding purposes like painterly mark making to help guide you around the site, the mid grey for titles, then the pale grey as the bulk of the text for information.

Final Product

With changing the logo, that meant I had to update the rest of the packaging. And now this image is the final photoshoot which is just the same as the photo at the top of this blog post.

Overall, I did enjoy returning to exploring Graphic Design again as I hadn't worked with packaging for over 4 years at this point, so it was refreshing to revisit that. I think that the beauty and fashion industry is something that I enjoyed working with because the designs are so polished and expressive in that side of design. Graphic design like this is a door I think I would always like to keep open, or design to go alongside my painting.

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