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Chapter 17 - 'Belle' Perfume - A Brief Introduction - Uni 3rd Year 2017/18

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

To kick start the third and final year of my illustration course, we were given a project where we would could pretty much do anything that we wanted. I wanted to explore the world of advertising as I felt like that could be a place that my artwork could suit nicely because of my bright, colourful painting style as well as my 'unfinished' style of working - that suits the advertising world, especially within fashion. I wanted to create a brief for myself that is focused on perfume advertising because that is a place which incorporates celebrity portraits and a product, both of which are focused on the 'beauty' of them both. From that idea is where the brand name 'Belle' came from, with Belle being the french for beauty.

'I would like to produce a new brand of perfume with the name 'Belle'. The outcomes will be in a style influenced by Ben Jeffery and Alan Murray with painterly mark making to create a style for the branding of the feminine perfume. The branding will appear in a magazine advertisement and to go alongside, packaging will be produced for the new perfume brand.

I am interested in paint and the marks it can make, I am already quite familiar with portrait painting and I would like to expand my knowledge by doing a project to understand mark making more. In the future, I would love to be able to create artwork very similar to Ben Jeffery's style with portraits and mark making backgrounds which capture the essence of the subject.'

My Brief.

We had just 6 weeks to create, develop and finish this project. Exploring the world of branding and advertising also allowed me to bring back some of my Graphic Design skills from A Levels, this project allowed me to work on something that used both my Fine Art and Graphic Design skills.

I will try and post just the key turning points of the process of this project, rather than posting literally every moment, but it will still be an in depth exploration of how I ended up with the perfume adverts that I did which you can see on my 'Design' section of my portfolio website under the 'Belle perfume advertisement' section.

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