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Chapter 16 - A Heroic Summer? - 2017

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Iron Man (2017)

Captain America (2017)

Thor (2017)

Black Widow (2017)

In the summer between second and third year of uni I decided to paint a series based on Marvel's Avengers. This was not only so I could keep up the momentum of portrait painting after the success of Belle, but also so I could continue to practise my airbrush skills. These 4 portraits of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow are all on 76x56cm 425gsm watercolour paper. You may have noticed that these paintings are not on my main portfolio website in the 'Portraits' section, this is because I, sat here now 3 years later, truly do not like the series and would not showcase them in a gallery or online to sell. I thought I would discuss them here however as it is a way of discussing how not every painting has to be a 'success' or achieve what you want it to.

Although, yes I really do not like these paintings as they just don't work as a concept idea or as realistic looking portraits, I did learn a few things from this series. Giving these superheroes a cute and soft airbrushed background, poorly done might I add, just really does not suit the genre and themes of their franchise. This series was good practise with using the airbrush, but in the end I just decided that airbrushing wasn't for me as there is so much more effort and practise needed to get it to a good enough standard. Yes I could have allowed myself more time to practise and could always return to it, but I doubt very highly that I would. The process of airbrushing is very tedious because you have to clean it out every time you want to change colour and this process takes around 5 long minutes. Then if you want it to actually look good, you can create your won stencils or buy some online so you can get sharper edges for things like flames or edges of clouds, getting stencils was something i discovered after painting this series.

I think overall this series did it's job at the time and kept me busy during the summer break and did allow me to experiment with working with 4 more subjects, but they will not see the light of day again. They just aren't relevant to what I do anymore. They helped me confirm that I needed to find a new way top create interesting and stylish backgrounds that suited my constantly improving portraiture style.

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