• Olly Jordan

Chapter 15 - Beauty and the Beast - Something There That Wasn't There Before - Uni 2nd Year 2016/17

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Inspired by Lisa Lachri's airbrush work, I created a background inspired by the live action fairytale of Belle's world. The golden background is inspired by the ballroom dance scene in the Beauty and the Beast film which is where Belle wears this dress and the romance of the two characters really begins. The bokeh hotspots and the golden colour palette are a recreation of the candles twinkling in the ballroom.

To create this new background, I did airbrush a background separate to the original Belle painting. Seeing as I was new to airbrushing, I did not want to ruin my original painting of Belle by giving her a background of an awful quality. I kept the original painting with a plain background so I could return to it at a later stage should I want to explore that again when I had a more distinct style to work on backgrounds.

Watching Lachri's youtube tutorials online taught me everything there is to know about airbrushing: how to thin the acrylic paint down so it is like water to go through the brush, how to clean it, as well as how to create the hotspots. I had to do a few different trials and experiments to get used to the process as this was one that was very alien to me because I was just used to working with acrylic and a brush at this point.

Although the background may not truly be the bokeh effect that I was going for, it still captures the magic and feeling of candlelight in the distance, especially the way that the background colour changes from brown to a golden yellow to highlight around Belle's face. This whole concept was based on the original animated film. Seeing as Emma Watson's live action Belle is a reimagining of the animated Disney classic, I wanted to do a similar thing with my painting of Belle. Even the way that Belle is looking over her shoulder is paying homage to the animated classic's promotion work which you can see below. However, instead of having a blue background, I went with a golden colour palette as that is more in keeping with the live action's colour palette.

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