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Chapter 14 - Artist - Lisa Lachri - Airbrush Attraction

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Lisa Lachri is a Fine Artist I have been following on youtube for many years now, her work has always been so inspiring because of how she manages to create such photorealistic artwork. Her videos on youtube, in which there are alot of, are tutorials, tips and tricks that she has learned over time her art career. You get to see her work progress in time lapse videos as well as the mistakes that she makes too, or as she says, 'Mistakes don't mean you've ruined anything, they just mean you're not finished yet'. It is nice to see the mistakes as part of the process, it goes to show that all artists slip up no matter what stage in their career, it is just about how you move past it to get to the end result, in which all of Lachri's pieces are brilliant by the way.

The thing that pushed me to look deeper into Lachri's style at this point however was her airbrush skills, as you can see in the artwork above, the way that she airbrushed creates a blurred bokeh effect. Bokeh is the effect where the background is out of focus and this creates circles of light. This was a style I wanted to explore at this time because I was working on my Beauty and the Beast - Belle project at the time, and a golden bokeh style background would have been perfect to capture the magic and beauty of the live action fairytale.

Lisa Lachri works with pretty much all materials, an all-rounder of the art world you could say. She works with acrylic paints, oil paint, coloured pencils, and of course, the airbrush. Lachri has refined her skills in such a way that it is hard to tell which of her work is made from what material, the realism is just so successful in all of her work that each piece just looks like a softly edited photo.

Lachri started her career by displaying her work in local coffee shops and small galleries over a few years, at this point in her life she was working full time at an animal hospital. One day, when shopping for frames, she spotted that there was an ad looking for art teachers, this was back in 1999 and it was then that she really started to become a full-time artist. Years later she is still teaching by creating her own artwork as she had always done, but allowing anyone to learn from her by creating 4 videos a week on youtube and weekly tutorials on Patreon where you have to pay for the subscription, but you get much longer and in depth videos.

Above is an image she has posted on her website that shows her quality of work back in 1999 when she was a teacher, to the type of work she is creating in current day. You can instantly see just how much she has improved and it is refreshing to see how she started out and just how much of a journey her art style as has been on over 20 years. 'My goal on this angle was to create a realistic portrait. The problem was I couldn’t draw or paint people to save my own life! That tiny fact did not make me quit trying to paint realistic portraits. Instead, it made me practice even more! None of us start out terribly good, it’s a long process that requires a lot of practice. Don’t give up before you hit that end goal!' It is good to see that with practise, your art style can truly become anything you want it to be and I hope to get myself to a similar standard of realism as Lachri in time, but as you can see, this has taken her 20 years to make that stylistic development. Through trial and error she has gotten to this place and that is something that I need to remember.

As well as still creating tutorials online, Lachri has also found success in the art world in other ways. She has been awarded Website of the Year, Instructor of the Year, and Best YouTube Channel of the Year by readers of the Colored Pencil Magazine. Lachri has exhibited in over 12 group exhibitions and been featured in quite a few magazine publications.

I will discuss in more depth on another post about the airbrush process and how Lachri's tutorials helped me out. This is such an inspiring artist though, it appears to be that her passion has just fuelled her her whole life. It was good to see that, like me, she juggled a fulltime working job with her artwork. Many artists that I have come across or heard about started off in this way, obviously you need a secure and steady income in order to live, and jumping off into the art career with nothing behind you can be a very big risk. This is what I am currently doing with my life, I am juggling being a server in the evenings with my painting during the day, I am not in a hurry to leave that job yet as I know that I still have many years ahead of me. My current plan is to try and get more commissions behind me and start earning my own money from my art, as well as hopefully exhibit some of my collections in galleries to gain more exposure, these are all things I would 100% need to be before I take the job to be a full-time artist. As you can see from Lachri's art career, this has been 20 years in the making and she still has plenty of time left in her as she is still young, so I need to remember that when friends or family pressure or question what I am doing with my life. Becoming an artist is a life long career, it isn't just simply hopping into a new job.


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