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Chapter 12 - Artist - Olly Moss - Juggernaught of Juxtaposition Screen Prints

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The Jungle Book

Olly Moss is an artist I stumbled across while doing some general research. His work is very inspiring because he is an example of an artist who is actually producing work in the film industry. I would love to get the opportunity to create poster designs for TV/Film, that would be such a special and unique experience.

There isn't much information about Moss' career on his website about things like his process, interests or history. What I have managed to get from his website and other sources is that he screen prints his work. That's right, these are all screen print designs! There are so many tones and layers within this, it must take a very long time to actually create the final product, but that makes it even more desirable. Moss is a Graphic Designer based in Winchester UK, and best known for his reimagining of movie posters. He has been commissioned to work for many big companies like Marvel to create a poster of Thor and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series. These big names are pretty much the biggest companies that you can work with, so he is clearly a very highly respected and in demand artist. Moss began selling his posters through Mondo – the infamous gallery and web store that produces limited edition screen printed posters for their favourite movies from a wide range of artists.

'Due to the nature of his work, some have accused Moss of creating such well-known portraits and posters purely for profit. However, Moss has been quick to challenge this, stating that his love for these films and characters simply fuels the work – inspiring and influencing him whenever his pen touches paper. Both designer and fan have a huge passion for such themes, which could explain Moss’ growing popularity over the years.'

This is something that I fully relate to, copyright and plagiarism are very big deals and it could be said that I too am just stealing other people's property to create profit of my own. Just like Moss however, I would argue that it is just passion for both art and the film/tv characters that combine together to make the work, it is not an interest in trying to make quick profit by creating work based on recognisable faces, I am just not that interested in creating work on generic animals or people. You could even argue that working from generic material like that is just the same, you still need reference material either way.

To get around any potential copyright issues with my work, I don't work from one specific reference photo, that is where the copyright issues would lie. I essentially collage together a whole new image, for example with my painting of Katy Keene, I used one photo for her face, another for her hair, and another again for her neck and body, then I changed her hair colour and makeup. This collage effect is basically creating a new image that does not exist anywhere, yes it is still recognisably Lucy Hale as Katy Keene, but it isn't from one specific person's reference photo now, it has developed into something new.

Olly Moss' style is very refined and unique to anything I have seen before. As previously discussed, his work is created by screen printing. The thing that makes his style so distinguishable however is the way that he uses juxtaposition to illustrate the narrative of the story, this is something that movie posters that use photography simply can not do as it would not work out as it isn't realistic enough. Looking at the Harry Potter series below and specifically at 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', the juxtaposition of Harry walking through a tunnel and the way that it actually turns into a snake's tail at the bottom of the artwork is very clever. This is pulling from the idea that Harry has to defeat a basilisk snake in the book, but the snake is hidden under the school and has to get to it by exploring hidden tunnels.

As you can see in my current portfolio on my website, I already design posters based on this subject matter, so to be work with the companies that my natural interests lie anyway would be great. Seeing Moss' work has shown me that there is a need for art based poster design in the Film industry rather than just seeing movie posters that are photography based.

Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter Series





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