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Chapter 10 - Little White Lies - Return to Paint - The Revenant - Uni 2nd Year 2016/17

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The Revenant

My final artwork for the Little White Lies project. I feel as though this piece is slightly reminiscent of Barbara Florczyk's artwork in the way that the background and Leonardo Dicaprio's character blend together, but otherwise I have really made it my own which is a good thing. The mark making really helps to give a dark, cold and dynamic vibe to the portrait which is what the film is. I went with a blue colour palette not only because the general colour palette of the film is pretty blue because of the cold winter scenes, but also blue is used alot in movie poster designs, especially in the action genre.

The portrait of Dicaprio's character has actually turned out quite well, the realism is alot more refined than the previous paintings of Emma back in my A Levels, so with time, you can see that I can drastically improved the ability to capture a likeness in a realistic style. This was the first time of working with many different subjects: a beard, fur coat, wet greasy hair, blood and scars, snow, but I would like to think that it has been pulled off nicely. It isn't in a super realistic style and is very painterly, but that goes with the painterly feel of the background I suppose.

The background and the portrait itself were painted separately, Dicaprio's character on A3 paper and the background was created on A1 paper which you can take a look at below.

I created the blue background using a variety of brush, glue spreaders and brush application techniques.

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